Wild Zebra Print Tablescape for Proms & Sweet 16s


Wild Zebra Print Tablescape for Proms & Sweet 16s

I’ve designed plenty of tablescapes for weddings and the home, but I have yet to design a tablescape for other banquet events like proms and sweet 16s. Well, that all changes now! Zebra print tablecloths and table runners are very popular choices for proms, sweet 16s, and wedding showers, so I went for a stylish and bold look using our zebra print table runners. Zebra print forms the predominant pattern of the tablescape and introduces two colors by nature: black and white. To make the black and white pop–and also to add a bold, feminine color for a girl’s Sweet 16 or prom–I used two bright fuchsia table runners under the zebra print runner so the fuchsia barely peeked through, and fuchsia napkins to boot. What do you think of this combo?


In terms of tabletop decor, there’s such a wide range of things I could have used to make this prom and/or sweet 16 say “wild and fierce” as intended. All I knew is that it had to be high-drama decor because the decor had to match the vibrant fuchsia and zebra print combo. Here’s our tablescape decor grid:


This tablescape is especially exciting because we got a chance to feature our new silver charger plates! Chargers will be hitting our online storefront in the next few days, and I thought silver happened to look great. Aside from the layered fuchsia and zebra print table runners, we also used a black satin tablecloth. Instead of simply placing a floral arrangement in a vase, I decided to take the extra step and make a DIY submerged flower centerpiece and stuck the cylinders, some tea candles, and some leftover fuchsia petals on a round mirror from Jo-Ann’s. Here’s a close up of one of the cylinders:


I was so happy to use our new charger plates, and I can’t wait until customers can start placing orders! They will be available in gold and silver to start, but I’m really hoping there’s a large enough demand so we can widen our selection because chargers are perfect for event tablescapes. For the purpose of our wild zebra print tablescape, I used a simple french fold and placed them directly on top of the silver chargers.


Now that I’ve detailed all the decor elements, it’s time to unveil the tablescape in its entirety. Below are the final presentation photos of our wild zebra print tablescape:




What did you think of our wild zebra print tablescape for proms & sweet 16s? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comment section below!