Wholesale Restaurant Tablecloths

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Wholesale Restaurant Tablecloths

What makes a restaurant stand out to a customer? Sure, the quality of  food and service are the two biggest components, but atmosphere is a greatly understated part of any sit-down dining experience. Whether your business is a fine, upscale establishment for fine dining or a trendy, low-key spot to grab some drinks, ambiance provides just another reason for your customers to return to your restaurant or café time and time again. Tablecloths and polyester napkins may give your business an edge by producing an immaculate, sophisticated environment that will have customers wanting to bring their friends, relatives, and dates to your establishment to relax, chat, and enjoy some delectable eats.

linentablecloth wholesale restaurant blog

Let’s compare and contrast an old, worn tabletop to one that is obscured by a nice, classy tablecloth: which surface appears more sanitary to you?

LinenTablecloth wholesale restaurant blog

Dirty, dirty, dirty. Try covering up those mars and ring marks with a nice, clean tablecloth.

Hiding ugly scratches and stains with tablecloths is a cost-efficient solution to maintaining your business’s attractive interior without replacing your tables entirely. Adorning your tables with crisp, clean tablecloths not only hides the natural wear and tear of regular use, but also creates a look of unabashed refinement. Many sit-down restaurants already use easy to clean, machine washable tablecloths, and now even cafes are beginning to use patterned tablecloths for a retro, vintage look. A tablecloth may be the perfect way to dress up your café without sacrificing much in the way of finances.

LinenTablecloth restaurant wholesale cafe

Doesn’t this look like a charming spot to drink cappuccino and people watch?

Do you have a menu that tastes good? Good taste in creating the right atmosphere for your restaurant can goes a long way too—try sprucing up your dining establishment with a little bit of linen today with our wholesale program for businesses.





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