The Many Faces of Whimsical Weddings

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The “whimsical wedding” is a wedding theme that has become prevalent in wedding blogs and inspiration boards, but what exactly is a whimsical wedding? Other themes, like vintage and nautical weddings, adhere to a very clear cut aesthetic that defines the theme. For example, vintage weddings usually feature pastel or cream colors with classic white china whereas nautical weddings are almost always determined by nautical decor and a navy and white color palette. The idea of the whimsical wedding is a trend that has not yet been united by a singular vision across the web. The word “whimsical” is actually defined as “having capricious humor; extravagant, fanciful, and playful.” This broadly defined word has allowed for a wide range of interpretations in terms of how “whimsical” is applied as a wedding theme. With so many variations of the whimsical wedding found online, things can get a bit confusing. The broad term of the whimsical wedding seem to be composed of two distinct visions:


1) Loud Color Palettes

Many real weddings categorized as a whimsical wedding features bright color palettes that often touch on the full breadth of the color spectrum. With sub-themes like carnival and rainbow themes, this side of whimsical weddings is all about loud colors that bedazzle and enliven!


whimsical wedding bridesmaids

These bridesmaids are dressed in all the colors of the rainbow


whimsical wedding invitations

A whimsical wedding theme can be established straight from the invitations–try bright colors and designs with pizazz


Multi-colored ribbons are a great way to bring a wide range of colors to your guests' seats!

Multi-colored ribbons are a great way to bring a wide range of colors to your guests’ seats


whimsical wedding favors

Favors, anyone? Mini-gumball giveaways are a great way to send guests home with a reminder of your colorful extravaganza


2) Fairy Weddings

Anything from the mad tea party in Alice in Wonderland to the beautiful forest nymphs found in Greek mythology have been used as inspiration for enchanted forest themed weddings–this sub-category of whimsical is attracting a ton of buzz in the wedding community! With a captivating array of lights and the proper decor, fairy weddings are the fanciful side of whimsical weddings. What bride wouldn’t love to be queen of the forest?


whimsical wedding bride

A floral crown is a great way for a bride to embody the magical forest theme


Whimsical wedding table blue

The right lighting can turn your wedding into something magical

whimsical wedding decor

Fairy weddings are all about lights. LOTS of lights


Whimsical wedding food

Toadstool cupcakes, anyone?


With rainbow colored weddings acting as the playful and fairy weddings as the fanciful, there are two distinct sides to the whimsical wedding. How would you define a whimsical wedding? Leave your definition in the comment box below!



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