WEDDING PRO SPOTLIGHT: Maribel Kalata of EightTreeStreet

Meeting creative minds is a perk that one enjoys when working with the wedding community. In the online world, which has been transformed into a spammer’s paradise by some people, it is always a treat to stumble upon blog sites that one can call a “treasure trove.” Especially those that contain ideas created by talented do it yourself experts. The more we browse through the web pages, the more we want to know the owner and make a connection. It is because we know exactly that these are ideas that our followers will find valuable.

That is the case with LinenTablecloth’s blogging partner Maribel Kalata, the face behind EightTreeStreet, a contemporary floral art design studio located in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, specializing in custom designs for home and weddings. She works with local and national clients to design unique sculptural wreaths, decorative wedding florals, silk flower bouquets, brooch bouquets, handmade bridal accessories, boutonnieres, and other floral decor. The studio also offers an eclectic mix of wreath and floral designs great for weddings and home décor for all seasons, holidays and occasions using exquisite fresh and silk flowers, ribbon and handcrafted supplies.

EightTreeStreet is a blogging partner of LinenTablecloth

Floral designs, decorative wreaths and handmade wedding bouquets are EightTreeStreet's passion.

That is according to her website. Because if you ask us, we’d say Maribel is beyond awesome! If you sneak a peek into her creations, they make you wonder where she’s drawing inspiration from. Through EightTreeStreet, she reinvented the concept of wreaths and granted them special roles in weddings and other special occasions. She brings to life ideas that you only see in inspiration boards! And just when you thought an idea has been overused, she has her ways of reviving them, giving them an all-new twist. This is why we don’t find it surprising that she’s been getting a lot of media attention lately.

EightTreeStreet, a few weeks ago, became a recipient of 2012 Wedding Industry Experts Award. Recently, she was featured in United With Love, DIY Bride and soon her creations will appear on the page of Pretty Pear Bride Magazine. And last September 7, she made it to the finalist circle of Martha Stewart Presents American Made contest. We can’t be more proud!

But you know, in our eyes, Maribel is already a winner. She is a gift to the DIY community. And because of that, we’re giving her this Blog Spotlight. We know that like us, you’d love to know what makes her passionate about what she’s doing, why she excels at it. So here, get to know Maribel of EightTreeStreet through this blog interview.

LinenTablecloth's blogging partner, Maribel Kalata of EightTreeStreet

Maribel Kalata

Please tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to be a wedding florist.
I loved designing floral arrangements and making wreaths for family and friends, for events at school and at my work at the art centers, creating special designs. Then several brides asked for help and I loved making the bouquets so much I started working locally. Last year I started an Etsy shop for wreaths and florals, and started designing and doing more outreach through my website as well, silk and brooch bouquets were easy to design, something I enjoy so much, and I can package for brides across the United States, so I have been doing a lot of them. Locally I continue to work on fresh flowers.

What are the things you love most about your job?
I love the excitement of working in new designs, and working with the brides, couples, and home owners as well when I design a wreath or florals for the holidays, home decor or special event.

When working with a soon-to-be-married couple or a bride, where do you like to begin the wedding floral bouquet planning?
We talk about color, what flowers they like, the time/season when they planned the wedding, if there is a special theme or something special to celebrate (a token to remember a loved one, etc.) then I put together a color palette and scheme of prospective flowers, all my designs are custom, so brides know each one is made to suit their style, to make their dreams come true.

EightTreeStreet's Bella Bouquet in Fall Colors

EightTreeStreet's Bella Bouquet in Fall Colors

How do you guide your clients toward the right creative floral decisions for them?
Because we live in a time where there so much access to information about weddings and event planning, I offer them a series of tools and access to information. Aside from magazines, there are blogs, online resources and they start looking at things they like or don’t like. I tell them to always have a budget in mind. I just met with a wonderful bride for next year love her colors, and she wanted a big statement wedding with trees and lots of bling, so she brought information to me, and I did some research as well, what can we do within the budget.

What’s the best advice you’ve received as a wedding professional?
Work hard, be who you are, have a vision for your designs and try to find your style, keep working on your designs. Being unique and custom design oriented can be hard in promoting a business, but I love it, so many professionals have told me to build a partnership with clients and other vendors, collaborate and learn.

You’re not only a wedding florist but a DIY Home Decor and Wedding Specialists well. Tell us how you got into this specialized field of the wedding community and why you decided to begin offering your services?
When I got married a very long time ago, DIY and handmade were not in vogue, everything was a lot different, but I did do everything for my wedding myself and truly enjoyed it. One thing that I really like is finding ways to work with what you have, be a budget for a wedding or items to decorate your home. So I mixed those two things into my business, flowers and handmade decorations, which I’ve been doing since I was a child, and decorating my home as well, which is my hobby.

Brooch Bouquet by EightTreeStreet. Photo by BorrowedBlue Photography.

Brooch Bouquet by EightTreeStreet. Photo by BorrowedBlue Photography.

What is the best thank you you’ve ever received from a client?
I was so touched by one of my clients, she wrote me a beautiful and fun tweet as she was opening her packages that I had sent in the mail, custom brooch/silk flower bouquets for her and her bridal party, I was so happy to see that she was totally excited, like a mini Christmas – it was one of my favorite weddings to do as well.

What did you do before EightTreeStreet?
Before EightTreeStreet I spent many, many years working with cultural organizations and museums, in fund raising, public relations and special events. Then decided to be at at home mommy to take care of my children, especially my youngest. EightTreeStreet came out of the need to nourish a creative aspect in my life.

What are your dreams for your company?
I would love to continue designing custom work for weddings and home decor, as well as creating a line of pre-packaged decorations. and perhaps licensing of some design ideas for events.

What would you say to brides-to-be who are on the fence about hiring a wedding planner?
Decide on the budget for your wedding and how much time you can offer to all the different areas of the wedding, planners can be great support in making arrangements with vendors or in guiding you in the process.

Why should brides choose your designs?
I love specialty and unique designs, custom made to represent the wedding themes and the colors, I am crazy about color, so I hope that brides understand that I will work to make their bouquets and florals special, just for them.