WEDDING PRO SPOTLIGHT: Sheryl Hammond of Bella Chic Events, Inc

If a picture paints a thousand words, it would run out of things to say if it shows a wedding designed and planned by Sheryl Hammond of Bella Chic Events. A quick glance at some of the photos on her website’s gallery would make you say “wish I hired her for my wedding.”

Well, if you haven’t tied the knot yet, here is an opportunity for you to have the wedding of your dreams styled by a wedding planner who is passionate about creating the most stunning event you can ever think of. Whether you’re looking for help in planning your destination wedding or needing a reliable hand in making your unique dream wedding a reality, Sheryl and her team at Bella Chic Events Inc. will provide innovative and customized design and planning solutions. Sheryll Hammond of Bella Chic Events, Inc

According to Sheryl, her love for travel and outdoor events inspired her to just focus on non-traditional and destination weddings. After styling her wedding in Maui, Hawaii seven years ago, she realized that this is one direction in life that she wanted to take. Help other brides to stage magical weddings, just how they envision them. Style their weddings chic, sophisticated and unique.

To make this happen, Sheryl in a blog she wrote for us said that “It is LinenTablecloth that helps me make my couples dream wedding come true. After so many mishaps on other linen companies–LinenTablecloth by far has surpassed what I wanted. I have used their linens from outdoor parties to corporate events, simple to lavish weddings, and even to my own home and office.

A couple of weeks ago, when she shared some photos from the recent weddings she helped designed, we weren’t ready to be blown away. “LTC, you have turn our wedding guests to our wedding clients! We have used plain white polyester napkins to create a stunning setting for a law firm’s appreciation night event. We have used your linens to wow our bride and groom and their guests. We became so artistic that we’ve used chair cover sashes as chair skirts. Also used sashes as table runners. We turned those satin universal chair covers to create sophisticated chic covers by adding, sashes, runners wrapped around it. There is so much to talk about. Sky is the limit, as far as designing a wedding is concerned,” she said in an email.

So we asked her a few questions. What she loves most about her job, where she’s getting her inspiration, and how she begins her magical wedding planning process.

Sheryl Hammond of Bella Chic Events, Inc

Please tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to be a wedding planner.
I got married on the beach of Maui, Hawaii seven years ago. Planning my own wedding, designing everything from my hair, to my dress and bouquet, I knew one day I will become a wedding planner. I then went flying as a Flight Attendant in Alaska for a year then I got pregnant with my second child. This grounded me and started Bella Chic Events Inc.

What are the things you love most about your job?
That I am a part of a love story. That I am that person who complete the fairy tale. I am part of the couple’s love life and marriage.

When working with a soon-to-be-married couple, where do you like to begin the wedding planning process?
I always congratulate them. I love looking at her gleaming eyes, looking at her ring and I usually giggle with her. Then I’ll follow it up with a question, a very personal question such as, “Are you both excited?”

How do you guide your clients toward the right wedding decisions for them?
As a wedding professional, I guide and hold their hands so to speak every single step of the way. I always ask myself, “If this is my wedding, how do I wanted to be?” Then I use that to my clients. I am very practical with them, when it comes to making the right decision… when it comes to choosing vendors and budget.

Is there a piece of advice that you always find yourself telling your clients? What’s the best advice you’ve received as a wedding professional?
You have to remember, you only get married once, you can’t rewind it – you can only move forward. I don’t want you to stop one day and said “I wish I have done this, done that.” Every penny you spent on your wedding is well worth every cent. The best advice I have received by far is: “If the couple didn’t hire you, they are not meant for you. Move on and look for more amazing couple! A client of mind in Maui told me once, “You don’t need a clientele who is very unreasonable and unhappy! Move on and attract happy clientele!”

What are some of your favorite wedding venues?
It’s hard to say which venue is my favorite. Even an outdated venue can turn into a spectacular venue when using spectacular décor. For me it’s the customer service that the venue can offer . Even a five star venue is nothing if its customer service sucks. But I have to say, I only do non-traditional weddings. No one can beat the outdoor venue.

You’re not only a wedding planner but a destination wedding specialist as well. Tell us how you got into this specialized wedding area and why you decided to begin offering your services?
I am happy to be a certified destination wedding planner through The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. I love to travel a lot. I have traveled since I was only 12. I have seen one of the most beautiful places on earth. I want to use this experience to inspire my destination couples. Couples out there need to have someone helping them who speak their wedding language, who has the knowledge, expertise and passion. You can’t be a destination specialist if you have no travel experience. Just saying.

What is the best thank you you’ve ever received from a client?
I have received so many and they’re all great. But one is a client of mine who is a wedding planner. She’s been my décor clientele for a number of years and recently she gave me this thank you card that says, “Dear Sheryl, Thank you so much for being there for me. You always come through and go overboard in what you provide. I appreciate it so much. Take care and I need your services again very soon. Thank you again!” I think this one stands out because, in addition to this thank you note, she has sent me a lot of clientele as well. Giving me referrals means the world to me. It’s a testimony that she loves my work.

What did you do before wedding planning?
I did a lot before wedding planning. I managed an Italian restaurant when I was 18. Then I started my own business when I was 19. I sold that. Then I became a Realtor. I met my husband and went flying as a Flight Attendant.

What are your dreams for your company?
I would love to expand and have branches in every state/province very soon!

Have you ever had a last minute wedding disaster and how did you resolve it?
Yes. As an outdoor wedding planner, it always happens. In one particular wedding, I didn’t have electricity an hour before the wedding. The City electricians didn’t come and open the electric outlet. I called the emergency number so many times. After so many calls, a woman answered and she said she can’t help me. I replied, “I understand but if this was your daughter’s wedding, would you like to start her ceremony without an electricity? I would call President Obama if I have to.” She then answered, “Call 911.” I said: “Okay, I will.” I was about to call 911 when she called me back and said that the electrician was on his way. I wish she was there. I was jumping in joy!

What would you say to brides-to-be who are on the fence about hiring a wedding planner?
Even those who are in this industry hires wedding planner, so why wouldn’t you? This will help them think. Then I would ask, “who will pick up your bouquet if you forget it? Who would take care of the guest if they bring more people? Would you?” That pretty much seals the deal.

Why should brides choose you as a planner?
Because I am a wedding planning expert. I have a wide range of experience when it comes to planning different traditions. I have years of experience, I love what I do and I believe that brides–it is all about them. I exceed expectations and I deliver. #