LinenTablecloth Wedding Planners Spotlight: Tiffany Schroeder

What are the ingredients of a beautiful wedding? Lavish decor? Great food? For Michelle and Bryce, the main ingredient was family. The newlyweds have 5 beautiful children, and having their children in the reception was an absolute must! The couple’s wedding planner, photographer, and friend, Tiffany Schroeder, put the wedding together for roughly $4,000. And no, I didn’t forget any zeros! That figure is significantly lower than the average cost of a wedding–around $25,000–and even includes the cost of Michelle’s dress, Bryce’s suit, and their children’s outfits. This wedding perfectly illustrates that you don’t need to completely decimate your bank account to have a beautiful wedding.
Tiffany went the DIY route for Michelle and Bryce’s wedding, and she did a fantastic job. As pictured above, she made centerpieces with square mirrors, glass vases, and simple floral arrangements. In terms of linen, Tiffany went with classic white tablecloths¬†and navy blue overlays; however, instead of buying organza overlays, Tiffany made them herself.
Using organza fabric rolls, Tiffany cut lengths of organza to outfit each tabletop, from round tables to the oblong sign-in table above. If you have the willpower and the ability to cut a straight line with scissors (a skill I certainly do not possess), cutting overlays or runners out of bulk fabric can save you some bucks. But making overlays out of bulk fabric was definitely not the only reason why Tiffany was able to keep this beautiful wedding under $5,000.
Instead of paying for the venue to provide and clean glassware and china, Michelle and Bryce opted for plastic cups and plates. Scroll up to the tablescape–can you even tell those are plastic? Had Tiffany not informed me, I would have never guessed. The couple also saved on the venue, booking their wedding on a Monday night with the Victorian Event Center in Golden Colorado, instead of paying the hefty fees associated with a traditional weekend wedding.


So instead of opting for a big, lavish wedding that may have put a big dent in their bank account, the couple decided to spend less and focus on what’s really important: love and family. And take a look at the picture below. Michelle and Bryce have been together for 9 years and they just look so happy together–is anyone else getting that warm, fuzzy feeling?
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