Wedding Display Table Inspiration with Couture Table

Fuchsia Display Table Skirt Couture Table Overlay

Bring some glam to your wedding display table with this inspirational linen idea! Donna Anderson of Couture Table joins LinenTablecloth in this inspiration video to show how to dress up your cake display table with linens and custom servingware. Balancing the colors for your wedding can be challenging, but with this simple idea you can add just enough color to your display tables without going overboard. All you need to do is add an overlay on top of your table skirt and voila! Color, texture and elegance!



This display table setting is made using a table skirt and a satin overlay. Since fuchsia is such a bright and bold color, we used a white table skirt underneath the fuchsia satin overlay to balance the colors. We pinned the corners of the overlay with some white satin ribbon, and then gathered the center and pinned a ribbon to it to complete the swag look. This style can be accomplished using many different color combinations, and is suitable for any wedding theme. As such, the servingware and stemware from Couture Table can be customized to fit whatever theme you are using. The beautifully adorned flatware complements our linens as well as the cake provided by the Artisan Cake Company.



Fuchsia Display Table Skirt Couture Table Overlay

Fuchsia Display Table Overlay Couture Table Skirt

White and fuchsia make a bright and powerful color combination. Balancing the colors takes a discerning eye.


And although we used bright ones, if you toned down the colors to something more neutral, or even just used black, this linen style works great for making elegant tradeshow display tables, dessert tables, buffet tables, and can even be used around the home! Careful color coordination is all it takes to make something as immaculate yet affordable as this display table.


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