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Save the Date STD

This is a pretty interesting topic for me to touch. The time has come for me to actually discuss one of the funniest experiences that I went through when I started my “wedding education” via wedding websites, blogs, wedding boards and what not. It’s a must when you’re working for the biggest wedding linen retailer.

Save The Date idea with a dog
Adorable Save The Date idea from Elegant Invites.


For days, I wondered why people were talking about “sexually transmitted diseases.” What’s that got to do with weddings or linen tablecloths? Why will a wedding board tackle STD topics?  Not too long after that, I realized that the wedding community has its own parlance. Brides communicate in a manner that will make typing words easier, especially on a mobile device.  Something that can be taken as alien babble by outsiders. Or probably letter combinations that a newly-engaged woman will find weird and overwhelming.



Wedding Acronyms. STD means Save The Date
Unique Save The Date postcard from  Elegant Invites.


For purposes of “weducation,” I put together all the acronyms that DIY brides might find prevalent on wedding sites. If I miss anything, please let me know! We can always grow the list.


B2B. bride-to-be
BIL. brother-in-law
BM. bridesmaid
BS. bridal shower
DOC. day of coordinator
DFH. dear future husband
DH. dear husband
E-RING. engagement ring
E-SESSION. engagement session
FFIL. future father-in-law
FG. flower girl
FH. future husband
FI. fiance
FOB. father of the bride
FW. future wife
G2B. groom to be
GM. groomsmen
HM. honeymoon
MOB. mother of the bride
MOH. maid of honor
SIL. sister-in-law
SO. significant other
STD. save the date

Save the date postcard from Paper Ink Love Creative Save The Dates | Paper Ink Love.

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