Valentine’s Day Tip: Turn Your Little Love Nest Into A Fancy Restaurant

Can you feel the love? We can, yes it’s that time of the year again. The time of year where all the lovebirds get romantic. Going out to dinner, or staying in? Why not stay in and turn your little love nest into that fancy restaurant that you want to go to?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s not too late to sweep him off his feet with this nice surprise.

Valentine's Day Tip: Turn Your Little Love Nest Into a Fancy Restaurant

PINK INSPIRATION. Valentine's Day is not always about red. (PHOTO from Pinterest)

Let’s start by turning that dining table into the perfect table for two, with a lovely tablecloth in white, red, pink or fuchsia. Let’s not stop there. Dazzle them with a satin or organza overlay or runner, depending on your table size. Finish off the table setting with our 17” or 20” napkins.

Now that looks simply elegant, but don’t forget about your chair. We’ve got a variety of different chair covers to choose from. Don’t fret if your dining chairs can’t be covered with our chair covers, you can always try a chair sash to give a touch of elegance. You may want to check out our video on an overlay rosette chair cover. That’s right, an overlay as a chair cover. This is a pretty amazing idea that will make his head spin.

Now if guys are reading this, that special day usually finds you giving your sweetheart something sparkly, whether it’s a bracelet to earrings, or even that ring she may or may not be expecting. Why not make it part of the décor? That lovely rosette could have a centerpiece, a nice place to hide until that special moment.