Fresh Ways to Use Lace in Your Wedding

When you think of a blushing bride walking down the aisle, the first thing you think of is beautiful, dainty lace. It’s the traditional wedding fabric! But just because it’s a traditional, that doesn’t mean you have to use it in traditional ways! There are so many creative and fun ways to use lace in your wedding without it looking old-fashioned.

Here are some cute and unique ways to use lace in your wedding decorations!

Country Wedding

use lace in your wedding mason jar
Check out this DIY candle holder mason jar that will give a sentimental touch to your wedding table. Just paint over the entire jar with white acrylic paint and take off the lace when you are done. It leaves behind a beautiful, subtle pattern!

white lace

White Lace

white acrylic

White Acrylic Paint







use lace in your wedding mason jar lace tie
You can also add a bit of lace to the top of mason jars, or any vase that has flowers in it. This adds a nice soft contrast to the rough twine.

small white lace

Small White Lace









use lace in your wedding burlap table runner
Lacing the tablecloth with burlap is a nice touch to the table and makes the burlap feel a little more fresh!  

Lace Burlap Runner

Lace Burlap Runner







Chic Wedding

use lace in your wedding altar curtain
If your wedding has a country-chic-feel but you still want to incorporate lace, keep in mind to use it sparingly and opt for a more opaque fabric. Try draping it and use it for your altar along with some white flowers. 


use lace in your wedding candles
Wrap some lace on your candle sticks and add it to the dinner tables. Choose lace that is thicker and along the same color scheme–or slightly lighter–than the candles.

4 in. white lace

4 in. White Lace







use lace in your wedding petal toss doilies
Instead of having paper cones for the petal toss, make them out of lacy doilies!

peach petals

Pink Rose Petals

Paper Doilies







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