The Unconventional Bride: 7 Wedding Venues that Spice Things Up

We’ve seen them all before. You are SO tired of those typical wedding venues, you know – the vineyards, or  the adorable chapel, and the overdone rustic barn wedding. We get it, those are  all wonderful venues but what about the off-beat bride who needs a little something, dare we say…non-traditional?

Here’s a list of the ‘not-so-typical’ venues:


National Parks

You’re the outdoorsy bride, looking for the perfect whimsical landscape. Nature is always calling your name, or maybe, your friends call you ‘Pocahontas’ because you know all the colors of the wind (or at least all the words to the song). But lets get real, you are not about to get married at the community garden. So here’s a grand twist on that ordinary outdoor wedding. Check out nearby national parks in your area.

These beautiful ‘non-venues’ offer plenty of space, scenic photos and an epic ceremony many won’t forget. Great for the minimalist who wants to let the great outdoors decorate their wedding. And for that added spark, have your ceremony at sunset – your photo’s will look timeless!

Here’s a link to a list of the National Parks List.

Our tip: Make sure you receive approval to use the land and read up on all rules or regulations



Renting a House

Maybe all you really want is a nice backyard wedding but your backyard….is not so cute. So check out the home rental options! This is great for destination weddings or if you’re searching for estates to have your event at. Visit websites like or to see what offerings they have – many of the larger homes will list if they offer event space.

If you’re festivities are going  to last for a few days or you’re having small, more intimate wedding, this could be the option for you. Everything from beach houses, to mansions, to little cottages, a home rental could be the perfect opportunity to variety. Some of them even offer yacht rentals!

Our tip: Make sure you’re honest about the event you’re having when renting the home and be aware that renting a home for a special event may add some cost.

Websites to visit:




Industrial Wedding Venue

You aren’t into the fancy-shmancy decor or elaborate venue. All you really need is a large room and a simple set up. Renting a warehouse or looking into industrial venues may be just what you need. These can be diamonds in the rough but you’re a master of the open space.

Look into renting a warehouse or search through your local real estate to see who might have some industrial buildings on the market. These places most likely won’t be listed or easy to find so be ready to do some digging and persistent emailing.

Our Tip: If you choose this type of venue, be prepared to provide all your own decorations and set-up crew.




Hops Farm/Beer Brewery

Whoever thinks girls don’t drink beer, is not invited to this wedding! Hop Farms provide a gorgeous backdrop and the spunky edge you’re looking for. Where Vineyards meet rustic chic, this is a great option for the casually elegant bride. And don’t forget the green hops can also play perfectly into your decor or boutonnieres. The beer theme practically decorates itself!

Our tip: Check into your local craft breweries and see where they farm their hops! Also, be sure to ask when they harvest – you wouldn’t wanna miss out on all the greenery!



School Gym

Wait…Hear me out on this….I know a gym doesn’t sound like a very glamourous wedding but these venues offer lots of space and might also be more budget friendly. Also, if you’re an aggressive decorator and DIY expert – this could be your moment to shine! Just think of the before and after photos people will be awed by?

Our tip: School Gyms may be not be alcohol friendly. Make sure you ask all the right questions and are clear about what can and cannot be served.





Stage or Performing Arts Center

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Well, this could be the perfect opportunity to be center stage…literally! Performing arts centers or venues with stages can be a beautiful (and easy) way to host your ceremony. Many of these venues will also have ballrooms or side conference rooms where your guests can easily get to the reception. And we don’t stop there – look into your local movie theaters, concert halls and community centers that may offer event accommodations.

Our Tip: If the venue is able, rent a projector and have a video play before or during your ceremony. This could be a cute way to show old photos or for your guests who may have a hard time seeing or hearing.



Alleyway or Block Party Wedding

Did someone say Block Party? Yes, we did! This ones, for all those brides who want to throw the bash of the year. You’re so popular that your wedding really is more of a community event than a private affair. Depending on your city and the permit regulations you can use your neighborhood or surrounding streets to host that 6-foot-long guest list of yours.  For a fun carnival touch, rent a food cart and set-up some games to play in the street such as cornhole or giant jenga!

Make sure you plan accordingly and get all the permits required to throw the party of your dreams. This may not be an easy wedding venue, but it’d sure be worth it once all your guests can’t stop talking about it years later.

Our Tip: Make sure you invite your neighbors or any surrounding homes affected by your block party.



Well, that’s all we could think of for now folks. We hope we inspired some new wedding venues for you!

Tune back in for more of the “Unconventional Bride Series”, we’ll be covering everything from food and decor, to dresses and wedding vows! Things are sure to get interesting 😉