The Serene Succulent Color Palette

The succulent decor trend is still trending, and we can’t get enough of it! We love succulents gracefully displayed in glass terrariums or miniature pots. The succulent plant, also known as fat plants, retain water in certain conditions, enabling them to last longer – and of course – be purchased for your wedding ahead of time. […]

The Woodland Fairytale Color Palette

What does your fairytale look like? Is it the kind of story that ends with a happily ever after? The story that is timeless and classic, but offers a unique connection to nature? Is it the kind of fairytale that takes place in the wilderness? If so, you will love our newest color palette. You see, one of […]

Sunshine and Glitter Color Palette

The Sunshine and Glitter color palette is a classic combination of colors with a modern day twist. To create this bright and happy color palette, focus on a primary yellow color.  Compliment your yellow by adding shiny tones of gray decor, and complete the style by throwing in some glitter. For a more rustic look, replace the glitter […]