The Woodland Fairytale Color Palette

What does your fairytale look like? Is it the kind of story that ends with a happily ever after? The story that is timeless and classic, but offers a unique connection to nature? Is it the kind of fairytale that takes place in the wilderness? If so, you will love our newest color palette. You see, one of […]

Sunshine and Glitter Color Palette

The Sunshine and Glitter color palette is a classic combination of colors with a modern day twist. To create this bright and happy color palette, focus on a primary yellow color.  Compliment your yellow by adding shiny tones of gray decor, and complete the style by throwing in some glitter. For a more rustic look, replace the glitter […]

Summer In The South Color Palette

Summer is quickly approaching, and we can already see the early signs of wedding season upon us. Celebrate your big day with a bold color palette, perfect for those hot summers. The “Summer In The South” color palette can be easily recreated by combining hues of pink with a bold tangerine staple. Let natural hints […]