Sunshine and Glitter Color Palette

The Sunshine and Glitter color palette is a classic combination of colors with a modern day twist. To create this bright and happy color palette, focus on a primary yellow color.  Compliment your yellow by adding shiny tones of gray decor, and complete the style by throwing in some glitter. For a more rustic look, replace the glitter […]

Summer In The South Color Palette

Summer is quickly approaching, and we can already see the early signs of wedding season upon us. Celebrate your big day with a bold color palette, perfect for those hot summers. The “Summer In The South” color palette can be easily recreated by combining hues of pink with a bold tangerine staple. Let natural hints […]

12 Ways To Make Your Wedding Interactive

Keep your wedding fun and exciting by creating ways for your guests to interact with you and your venue. Interactive weddings leave lasting impressions on your guests and keep people talking about your event for years to come. Adding interactive features doesn’t need to be costly. Most of the following can be incorporated into the everyday […]