Mutt of Honor

Deciding whether or not to incorporate your best friend in your fancy, sophisticated wedding affair can be a difficult decision to make if your best friend thrives on barking at strangers and urinating on public property. In an article by CNN, celebrity wedding planner Mind Weiss said that a couple’s pet is usually, “…the first […]

From “My” Wedding to “Our” Wedding

There’s nothing more exciting than that moment your man finally decides to take the plunge—getting down on one knee and asking, hopefully, through trembling lips, “will you marry me?” I hope this question steals the breath from your body, and maybe causes you to faint out of sheer elation. After recovering from your love-spill and […]

Wedding Acronym Glossary

This is a pretty interesting topic for me to touch. The time has come for me to actually discuss one of the funniest experiences that I went through when I started my “wedding education” via wedding websites, blogs, wedding boards and what not. It’s a must when you’re working for the biggest wedding linen retailer. […]