Tablecloth Sizing Tool

Puddled Floor Drop

There are many things to consider when purchasing tablecloths: number of people, table sizes, colors, drop length, etc. Size and drop length are particularly important and it can be hard to visualize how your tablecloths look on a variety of different table sizes. These considerations can make ordering tablecloths online feel like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. Find the perfect fit with our revolutionary Tablecloth Sizing Tool.


The first pieces of information required are the shape and size of table(s) you plan to use. If you are unsure of the shape, you can use this tool to try different table shapes, as well as different tablecloth shapes on each to find a look that suites your fancy.



 Tablecloth Sizing Tool


Table Size

 Choose Your Table Size


From this point I recommend you view and experiment with various shapes and sizes of both tables and tablecloths, even if you think you are set on a particular look. There are scores of combinations available, perhaps some that haven’t been considered during the planing phase.


Much consideration revolves around drop length. Within this tool you are able to see how different tablecloth shapes and sizes look across many tables of different shapes and sizes.

Tablecloth with Short Drop

 Tablecloth With Very Short Drop



Puddled Floor Drop

 Tablecloth with Puddled Floor Drop



Floor Length Drop

Tablecloth with Floor Length Drop


We have included the ridiculous as well! No matter the sizes and combinations, we have made all of them available for view in the Tablecloth Sizing Tool:

Small Tablecloth

All Combinations Available – Even the Ridiculous!


So, I encourage you to have some fun with this tool. Experiment and view a tremendous amount of tablecloth and table combinations. Our Tablecloth Sizing Tool can help you find the right size tablecloth for any particular drop length you desire. This tool can also give you some insight as to how different shape tablecloths and tables look and interact with each other. You never know, you may just find a combination that you hadn’t considered.