Style Your Wedding “SATIN”

Satin makes creating an elegant statement on your wedding so easy. Because of its glossy surface and classy appearance, it quickly transforms a simple wedding venue into something truly stunning. Depending on your theme and color palette, this fabric that is popular for its sheer and modern look has the power to paint the soft, sweet and romantic ambiance that you’re looking for.

Style Your Wedding SATIN: White Tablecloths from LinenTablecloth

PHOTO: From Bella Chic Events, Inc

How to achieve your desired look will depend on your choice of color combinations. For example, if you want something that is reminiscent of a classic wedding, go with white satin tablecloths and add hints of other shades that reflect your personality. Most people would use table centerpieces such as floral designs, artworks, candles. It is really up to you.

The trick is, find out in advance what types of tables your reception’s location uses so you can plan in advance what tablecloths to order: round, square or rectangular. From there, you can build the a wedding linen presentation that is well-coordinated, in terms of color and design.

Truth is, nobody has written any rule on what color to choose when it comes to your wedding palette. Today’s brides though are more playful when it comes to their choice of satin tablecloths. For that rich and bold look, they usually go with solid and deep colors such as fuchsia, black, chocolate and eggplant. Some would love to stay in the soft and subtle side such as pink, ivory, baby blue, and tea green. Then they pick complementing table overlays, table runners, napkins and other wedding decors.

Another thing that you can do though is to mix satin with organza linens. For example, you can use a satin tablecloth and top it with an organza table overlay. You get the shiny effect from the satin fabric while the organza top adds the dramatic impact on your table’s overall setting. There’s plenty of satin and organza combinations that you can do. If you want to stick with an all-satin ensemble, that is a beautiful arrangement too.

For ideas and inspiration, LinenTablecloth has an Inspiration Gallery that you may want to check out. And if you’re on the lookout for unique concepts, wedding websites and online stores might have something for you too. Don’t be intimidated by how they were photographed! You can go back to LinenTablecloth and select the satin linens that will help you replicate the look that you’ve chosen. 😉