Stretch Chair Covers for Weddings and Banquet Receptions

We always say that it doesn’t really take much to add a little flair to your event. Whether it’s an intimate gathering, elegant wedding reception or large corporate function, a creative mix and match play on your tablecloths and chair covers alone can help you achieve the stylish statement that your guests will definitely rave about.

Word of Advice: If you’re looking to add extra layers of elegance to your celebration’s venue, opting for stretch chair covers instead of just using plain chairs (often drab-looking) is a great example of how a minor event reception detail can make a big impact — especially if you pick chair covers that are in shades complementing the overall color palette of your special event.

Stretch Banquet Chair Covers at LinenTablecloth, only $2.99 each!

Create a chic statement with LinenTablecloth's stretch chair covers.

Well, what’s not to love about a stretch chair cover? Contemporary and sophisticated, it oozes the classic wedding reception look with its luxurious elastic feel and minimalist finish. Who wouldn’t love the way it defines or fits the chair? It amazingly exudes class! Plus, doll it up with a chair cover sash for additional depth and texture and voila, your dream chic and modern-class atmosphere is accomplished. Oh so easy!

White Stretch Folding Chair Cover

BEAUTIFUL FROM ANY ANGLE. Front and back of our White Folding Stretch Chair Cover.

But that’s just the aesthetic side of it! The other great part of stretch chair covers is that you don’t have to worry about them getting worn out easily because they are made from a stretch polyester material similar to the look and feel of Spandex. Machine washable, stretch chair covers are both stain and wrinkle resistant also. You can just relax and not think about ironing them.

And the best part of all? After having a rundown of its advantages, high-quality stretch chair covers for your banquet chair or folding chair are surprisingly affordable. LinenTablecloth has them from $2.99. They’re perfect for any type of occasion. Whether it’s an indoor celebration or an outdoor one like a destination wedding.