Square Tablecloths

Square Beige Real Linen

Consider the square tablecloth an often overlooked table linen. While you might not see square tables used prominently at weddings or special events, there are a thousand uses for square linens. Sure, you can just cover a square table, but let us think outside the box. Don’t think of them simply as square table covers. Throw a square tablecloth on a round table and use it as an overlay. Angle it on long rectangular tables to get a chic look. Go crazy and use a square tablecloth as a picnic blanket! There are no rules!

Elegant White Square Tablecloths

White square tablecloths emit elegance in any setting. Photos from Burnett’s Board¬†(L), and from Pinterest.com¬†(R).

No one tells you how to dress yourself, so who should tell you how to dress up your tables? The only thing that really matters it that it looks good, and that is up to you! Square table covers work great because of their versatility. Use a square tablecloth for weddings or special events, or just use them around the home. How you apply the tablecloth is up to you, and because of the symmetrical shape of square linens, you can find many uses for it.

Square Beige Real Linen

A beige square table linen ties together the decor of this dining room.

However you end up using a square tablecloth, LinenTablecloth offers restaurant and hotel quality square tablecloths in a multitude of colors. Available as satin square overlays and polyester square tablecloths, our selection of square table linens will allow you to accomplish whatever you desire. Our square Ambassador linens are made to fit smaller square tables and to help give a drop that is suited for a home or restaurant setting. Of course, you could always get a square tablecloth from our Home Linens section if you were looking to pretty up your house.

White 54 Square Tablecloth Mother Of Lace Home Linen

A Mother-of-Lace Square Tablecloth used on a small round table brings elegance to the home.


So, let’s stop overlooking the square tablecloths for less than they are worth, and start recognizing the value they can add to your wedding or special event. LinenTablecloth’s square table linens will open the door to the many innovative and personal ways you can dress up your tables!