Introducing Sertodo Copper Products!

We are proud to now offer Sertodo Copper products as part of our home and event product line. Sertodo Copper is a small, owner operated business, consisting of a cooperative of master copper artisans handcrafting each copper piece from 100% recycled copper in two different locations including a village in Southwestern Mexico, and one in Austin, TX.  These copper artisans take pride in creating these beautiful works of art using the same traditional techniques dating back 1000 years ago, without shortcuts. The founder of this company believes in bettering the economy by employing hard working craftsmen rather than having his products mass produced overseas, ensuring top quality, uniquely crafted products.

Sertodo Copper

Sertodo Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

For those unfamiliar with Moscow Mule Mugs, back in the 40’s and early 50’s, Moscow Mules were a trendy cocktail consisting of a spicy ginger beer & vodka, created by two marketing entrepreneurs working to propel their businesses. Always served in a signature copper cup, this drink gained so much interest that each company became very successful and the copper cup was given it’s name- Moscow Mule Mugs. Now they have regained popularity for any cold cocktails, beer, or other beverages. We chose a couple different sized mugs for our collection, and we must say- these are a must-have! You will want to show these off, not hide them away in a cupboard. If you want to make your own Moscow Mule, take a look at the recipe below!

Sertodo Copper Moscow MuleRecipe

Sertodo Copper Serveware

In addition to the classic Moscow Mule Mugs, we handpicked a collection of oval and rectangular serving platters, and bowls. Trays and platters beautiful enough to use as wall art, but of course durable and functional to be used for events such as weddings, charity events, corporate events, dinner parties, holiday entertaining, and other occasions and celebrations. Created from recycled copper, these trays and bowls are hammered to a lustrous shine, worthy of any special occasion. The Aphrodite bowl and Aphrodite platter feature a hand sea shell scalloped design, a true work of art.  Caterers and event planners would agree that WHAT you serve the food ON or IN is just as important as the food itself. Creating a tantalizing buffet table is paramount in a successful event. Elevate serving platters on risers or mix and match with various sized/shaped trays and bowls using our premium tablecloths as a base.

Start your handmade hammered copper collection today! If you already you use copper cookware, these will be a perfect complement to your collection.

Sertodo Copper

Graphics: Olivia Finley | Content: Jamie Burdett