Self-Tie Chair Covers

Universal chair covers in pink

Wedding planners and do-it-yourself brides alike are always trying to find the most cost effective decor solutions possible. When these solutions also incorporate a time saving factor, everyone is a winner. That’s exactly what our universal chair covers offer! If you find yourself craving a chair cover look wrapped with sashes, then you may find universal chair covers to suit your needs.


When I first heard the phrase “self-tie chair cover,” I could only picture Marty McFly from “Back to the Future.” I envisioned him as a wedding planner and decorator. After he would slide his feet into his self-tying high tops, he would rush over to the current wedding venue and begin to open packages of universal chair covers. After he carefully placed a chair cover on each chair, it would then tie itself, presenting the finished look of a chair cover with a sash.


Universal chair covers in pink Self-Tying Universal Chair Covers (From Pinterest)


Well, once the flux capacitor burned out and I awoke from my trance-like state, I realized this wasn’t the case. Universal chair covers are often referred to as self-tie chair covers because they feature extra cloth that is meant to be tied behind the chair and give the appearance of a chair cover sash accessory. Some event venues have mismatched chair types. Universal chair covers are perfect for masking these different types of chairs. These chair covers are available in 9 different colors at


Of course, these chair covers will not tie themselves, but I have included a video featuring our Customer Service Manager Jamie and her instructions for tying universal chair covers and achieving that glamorous look.