Rustic Southern Elegance Tablescape


Rustic Southern Elegance Tablescape

Thank you to everyone who submitted a tablescape request so far! We’re getting more and more requests each week, and I love reading about the events everyone is planning–keep ’em coming! A lot has been going on at LinenTablecloth lately, most notably the grand opening of our new retail showroom, so we’re sorry for the delayed release of this tablescape by request!

The tablescapes requested the past two weeks ranged from carnival themes to university color schemes, but in the end I went with a request from a reader named Dawn. The request called for a rustic southern elegance tablescape similar to the one pictured below with a few additional decor elements including a lantern and submerged floral centerpiece.


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I felt that a submerged floral centerpiece would be a little too polished for the rustic look I was going for, but that’s just my opinion. If you would like to learn how to make stunning submerged floral centerpieces, check out this DIY submerged flowers centerpiece tutorial. In terms of linens, I used a white round polyester tablecloth, burlap table runner, and sage napkins. What do you think of this linen combo?


With the inspiration photo Dawn found on Pinterest, it was very easy to pick out similar decor. We had a ton of leftover florals from our showroom grand opening, so I made a few simple arrangements (2-3 flowers for the most part) and placed them in some mason jars of varying sizes. I just love the rustic mason jar look! Whether you’re using mason jars as candle holders or vases, they’re absolutely PERFECT for conveying that rustic look. Here’s our decor styler grid for the rustic southern elegance tablescape:


Among the decor featured in this tablescape is a hanging lantern that will soon be available for purchase! I also used some hardcover books purchased at the local Goodwill (if memory serves, one of them is The Da Vinci Code) and a wooden frame in which I displayed a table number card with a simple chevron design. The varying heights of the mason jars created some “hills and valleys” which makes for a visually dynamic set up. To call out the lantern centerpiece, I placed it on the stack of hardcover books to make the centerpiece stand taller than the mason jars.


I filled the mason jars with simple arrangements of daisies, roses, tulips, and a bouquet filler I can’t quite identify! Do you know what the filler is?


The tablescape design was very simple–a stack of books with the lantern at the table’s center with the mason jar vases on the wings of the runner. I used standard white china and flatware with a red and white wine glass at each place setting. We hope you like this tablescape, Dawn!



What do you think of our rustic southern elegance tablescape? Do you have any style ideas for us? If you would like to submit a tablescape request of your own, click here!