Rustic Reseda Tablescape for Spring Weddings


Design a Rustic Reseda Tablescape for Spring Weddings

What color do we associate with spring? Green, of course! Our latest “design a tablescape” features our new reseda tablecloths, and I think reseda is a color that really communicates the feeling of spring. Spring is the most common season for weddings, likely because the weather tends to strike a nice balance between the brutal heat of summer and the bitter chills of winter. There are tons of other reasons the majority of couples set their dates in spring–even though spring weddings typically cost more than “off-season” weddings–but one component often overlooked is the symbolic meaning of the season. Life is beginning fresh anew after the biting winter cold, and just like the blooming foliage, couples marrying in spring also begin their lives anew as man and wife. The seasons come one after another in a cyclical manner, and one could argue that spring is the start of that cycle. Where else is the theme of circuity found in western-style weddings? Wedding bands, of course! The shape of a circle indicates eternity and, when applied to marriage, implies eternal love. I took this idea and reflected the concept of new life into my rustic reseda tablescape by choosing decor that lives and grows, but more on that later. Here’s a grid of the tablescape details:


Greens, tans, and browns make up the color palette of the natural world, and it’s a color palette that looks great for weddings and events, too! Originally, I planned to use a copper or beige table runner, but I ended up going with burlap because it was more align with the tablescape concept. Unlike synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon, burlap is made from 100% natural jute and I thought it looked great when paired with our reseda. For more information on linen fabrics, check out this handy guide. Do you think reseda and burlap make a good combination?


One of my favorite parts of using burlap in event design is that you can add burlap as a minor detail to just about everything at your event. Mason jar candle holders? Tie a length of burlap around the jar for a rustic flourish! Want to add some style to your place cards? Punch a hole in each card, thread burlap through the holes, and tie it in a neat bow for style points! I cut some small lengths of fabric from one of our burlap jute ribbons and tied the burlap around the napkins of each place setting.


For the place settings, I used standard flatware and stemware with classic white china, ivory polyester napkins, and our new maple weave placemats. To illustrate new life in spring, I also used the burlap to tie a small cluster of baby’s breath to the napkins. But the place settings aren’t the only area I included baby’s breath for this spring tablescape!


When designing a tablescape, I find that most decorative elements used once should be used again to really make the texture, color, or feeling of the decor stand out. To match both the white china and baby’s breath in the place settings, I used a white ceramic pitcher to hold a bundle of baby’s breath. And just like life in spring, this tablescape has come full circle!


Above is the rustic reseda tablescape in its entirety. We even got a chance to string some lights and use our white paper lanterns! For the centerpieces, I made a DIY terrarium using some colored stones, nutrient-rich soil, and a few little sprouts. Making terrariums is easy, fun, and they look great as home decor, too. For balance, I used two little glass bowls (these could also be used for additional terrariums) and filled them with colored stones and a simple white candle. And that’s all there is to this rustic reseda tablescape–thank you for reading!


What do you think of our rustic reseda tablescape for spring weddings? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comment box below and please share if you’re a fan! And if you love tablescaping, check out Tablescape Thursdays at Between Naps on the Porch.