Round Tablecloths

Royal Blue Round Tablecloths from LinenTablecloth

What is the most popular table used in weddings, banquets, or other special events?  The round table, of course! Round tables are great because their shape is not only space efficient, but it sets up an atmosphere of equality which subtly urges people to be social and party! King Arthur used a round table for this very purpose. Know what else King Arthur used? A round tablecloth from LinenTablecloth (well, at the very least he used a round tablecloth).


White Round Tablecloth from LinenTablecloth

A white round tablecloth highlighted with navy blue accents this nautical themed tablescape together.


From restaurant and hotel quality polyester linens, to the dazzling shine of satin table linens, LinenTablecloth offers the round tablecloth that will suit your needs. With dozens of colors to choose from, and a variety of sizes, you are bound to find your perfect round tablecloth. Are you using the standard 60 inch round table and want a drop that goes halfway to the floor? Use one of our 90 inch round tablecloths. Looking for a full length drop that doesn’t puddle? Our 120 inch round tablecloths are cut to make this fit look beautiful.We even have a 132 inch round tablecloth for those huge 72 inch round tables! No matter what size table you have, we are sure to have the right tablecloth for your wedding or special event.


Ivory Round Tablecloth from LinenTablecloth

A simple ivory round tablecloth with tea green napkins  are more than enough to make an elegant ambiance.


So, head over to our online store and end your quest for the perfect round tablecloth for less than what you would expect! Our budget friendly prices will blow you away, especially once you feel the quality of our linens. If you really want to impress, try out our round ambassador linens. The ambassador collection is made of a fine spun-polyester that gives it a cotton-like feel which just simply feels luxurious, without the expense! While you can use our tablecloths for weddings and special events to great avail, the ambassador’s use extends to the home because of its delicate feel. Our round tablecloths truly exemplify affordable elegance.


Royal Blue Round Tablecloths from LinenTablecloth

A royal blue round tablecloth used in the right setting will brighten up an already sunny day. Less can be more!