New Arrivals: Rosette Chair Caps & Table Runners


We’re happy to announce the arrival of our new rosette products! Both rosette chair caps and table runners are now available for purchase via our online storefront, and they look great. We’ve dramatically expanded our product catalog over the past few months, and we hope to keep adding to our line of affordable tablecloths. Our rosette chair caps and table runners are made from silky satin and feature a multi-sized rose pattern that creates a romantic vibe for any home or event tablescape.

Rosette Chair Caps


Rosette chair caps are the perfect way to add that final touch of elegance to your banquet chairs. Pair them with a matching table runner or simply top your chairs off with the stylish, 3D rose texture. Our rosette chair caps are available in black, white, and silver–just slide them over the top of your chair heads. We suggest covering your banquet chairs with our stretch chair covers before adding a chair cap for a sleek, classy look.


You can stylize your chairs even further with any number of decorative elements. Try layering your banquet chairs with stretch chair covers beneath your chair caps, and then add satin chair sashes in your predominant color. This is a great way to add another textural element while broadening your color palette. You could also use water pearls, diamond wraps, or bulk fabric to complement your rosette chair caps.

Rosette Table Runners


Just like the chair caps, our matching table runners are available in black, white, and silver. Add texture to your tablescapes with a multi-sized rosette runner. We suggest picking a dominant color for your tablecloth–white, blue, gold, or whatever it may be–and then choosing a complementing rosette runner. The table runner can then be paired with napkins of the same color.


We love usingĀ silk rose petals to add another decorative element to our rosette table runners. Try accenting your table runners with rose petals that contrast with your runner–examples include: white petals on black, red petals on white, or lavender petals on silver. Create the perfect romantic vibe for your home, wedding, or other special event with our rosette chair caps and table runners!


What do you think of rosette? Love it? Hate it? Let us know by commenting in the box below!