Meet Wedding Photographer, Robert J. Hill


Robert J. Hill Photography 

Meet wedding photographer, Robert J. Hill: fearless adventurer, photographer extraordinaire, and all around great guy. He’s a wedding photographer with talent and ambition, and there’s been a lot of buzz generated about the recent announcement of his world tour. Originally hailing from Panama City Beach, FL, Robert was inspired to begin a career as a wedding photographer by his father, who is a photographer as well, and started his own business shooting weddings at the tender age of 16. After shooting weddings for a few years, Robert shut down his business and decided to take a full time job, selling his camera gear. During this time, he took his first international trip, and soon after he picked up his camera to document adventures abroad. Robert fell in love with photography all over again during his travels, and after marrying his wife, Emily, in 2012, Robert decided to get back into weddings. In our interview via email, Robert said, “I decided to focus on nothing but photography and only weddings at that. My goal was to book about 5 weddings in 2013 and second shoot 5 more. I ended up booking 31 and second shot about 10.” Brides and grooms from all over the country–now from all over the world–want Robert to shoot their weddings. It’s no surprise that Robert J. Hill is in such high demand with 24,000+ followers on Instagram and a knockout photo gallery on his website, featuring his incredibly artistic wedding photography.





Creative and daring, Robert loves to try new things with his wedding photography, and it really shows. Robert shared that his style is a combination of modern and traditional shooting techniques with a focus on “dull and faded images with deep mood colors.” He’s a bold adventurer at heart who applies that same adventurous spirit to his photography. In the effort to capture beautiful and imaginative wedding photos, Robert stated, “I’ve practically lit rings on fire before and once put a dress 30ft in a tree.” But don’t worry, Robert reported that neither the dress nor ring was damaged in any way.


We think “practically” lighting a client’s ring on fire was well-worth this amazing shot.

World Tour

I bet you’re curious about his world tour, right? I mean, why would a wedding photographer leave the states to shoot weddings when the pay is almost definitely higher in modernized, Western nations? The answer: Robert has a sincere passion for doing what he loves. Robert loves to travel, so he’s balancing wedding, engagement, and portrait sessions with backpacking and volunteer work as part of his world tour. This spring, he’ll be covering weddings spanning from Hawaii to North Carolina, and then Robert will leave the states for Kenya, where he and his wife will shoot, visit friends, and volunteer. Afterwards, the globetrotting couple will explore Southeast Asia, traveling throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia. In late August, they’ll be shooting a wedding in the southern UK and then traveling around Europe for 5 weeks before shooting a wedding in the Pyrenees mountains at the Spanish-French border. Finally, the couple will head back for to America for a road trip down both the east and west coasts. Robert is actively booking wedding and engagement sessions in all of the areas mentioned above, so feel free to contact him if you’re interested in his professional services! ¬†Robert and Emily are taking life by the reigns and proving that, with passion and determination, life is what you make it.





Robert J. Hill loves shooting fun, easygoing, and adventurous couples. Want to contact Robert for your wedding, engagement or portrait session? The best way to contact him is via email at or through his Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.