Rent Vs Buy Your Tablecloths: We Asked Our Customers

Rent or Buy Tablecloths for Weddings?

When your city is pockmarked with “linen rental company” signs left and right, making a decision for your event–as far as linen is concerned–sometimes puts your thinking cap in a squeeze. Do I rent or buy tablecloths for my special occasion? Do I really need to buy chair covers and overlays? What do I do with my linens after the event? How much is their resale value? Are there websites that will take them? What if we decide to have a destination wedding? Do we rent our wedding linens from a local party planner or should we buy tablecloth shades that we like and have them shipped at our destination wedding location?

Last time, our Customer Service Manager Jamie discussed the pros and cons of buying tablecloths, with the former outnumbering the latter. We figured that it’s the perfect time to highlight the big difference it makes when you purchase your event linens rather than paying rental fees. Chief of the advantages is the fact that you’re not only saving money, you are actually getting new (read: never been used) tablecloths, table runners, napkins and chair covers. You don’t have to worry about immediately cleaning and returning them after the event, paying for stained ones and losing your deposit. Yes, just emphasizing some of the pluses should you decide to hit the buy button.

To make sure that we are not just letting you in to some pep or sales talk and we are not alone in believing that buying your special event linens is a better choice, we asked our customers-turned-Facebook-fans to chip in their views.

From Facebook:

Rent Vs Buy Tablecloths - Blog

Rent vs Buy Tablecloth - Blog


Our Twitter followers also joined the fun by giving their feedback:


Rent vs Buy Tablecloths - Blog

Other people decided to share their great experiences with buying linens on sites where DIY Brides or DIY Wedding folks are hanging out and looking for ideas or wedding planning advice.


Project Wedding

Rent VS Buy Tablecloths - Blog

Here’s another one from that page:


Rent VS Buy Tablecloths - Blog


Some took the time to post their experiences on Wedding Wire:


Rent VS Buy Tablecloths - Blog


And if these responses aren’t enough to prove that buying your tablecloths, chair covers, napkins and other event and wedding table accessories is better than renting, take a look at these photos submitted by our happy customers — who obviously picked the smarter choice!


Rent VS Buy Tablecloths - Blog


Rent VS Buy Tablecloths - Blog

PUMPKIN & BLACK TOGETHER. From a customer named “Sheri.”

Rent VS Buy Tablecloths - Blog

BEAUTIFUL IN WHITE. From Graciela Silva-Romero

Bottom line: Wisdom is in knowing that it’s better to buy linen tablecloths. Skill is in knowing that you can get them all at super low prices at LinenTablecloth.