In Remembrance: Memorial Day

Memorial Day Cover photo

Since the 1900’s Memorial Day has been the day that we celebrate the american soldiers who have died in combat. “In addition to the national holiday, nine states officially set aside a day to honor those who died fighting for the Confederacy in the Civil War: Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia.”*

In order to honor these fallen soldiers we have created a festive tablescape that all your friends and family will want to spend time around.

memorial day tablescape

We started the tablescape off with a Jacquard Scrollwork Tablecloth in Royal Blue. The scroll work is in a darker gold pattern which matches memorial day perfectly. Anything too flashy or full of sequins resonates more with 4th of July, so the toned down gold is on point. On top of the Jacquard tablecloth we placed a silk red runner for a pop of color.

memorial day bouquet

On top of the runner we created a simple bouquet with white tulips, red carnations, and white berries.

Memorial day goodie bags

Around the bouquet we placed little gifts for the guests. Feel free to put fun items in the gift bags such as home baked cookies, candy or even a fun mug for them to take home.

Memorial day drinking glass

memorial day drinking glass 2

We became creative with the drinking glasses by using mason jars and tying a red ribbon on them. Don’t forget the fun red and white striped straw!

red napkin memorial day

Opt for a rustic feel with gold chargers to match the Jacquard tablecloth.

napkin memorial day

blue brooch memorial day

To create a special feel to each table setting we attached a different style brooch to each of the napkins.

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*facts from:

90in. round jaquard crollwork tablecloth royal blue

90in. jaquard scrollwork tablecloth royal blue

20 in Red Napkin

20 in Red Napkin

american flag

American Flag

wreath brooch red

Wreath brooch red

Gold Charger

Gold Charger

wreath brooch sapphire

Wreath brooch sapphire

red paper craft bags

Red paper craft bags

white silk tulips

White silk tulips

red carnations

Red carnations

100 yard orgnady red ribbon

100 yard orgnady red ribbon

White berries

White berries

red chevron straw

Red chevron straws

Satin red runner

Satin red runner