Ideas for Prom Decorations by Theme


The school year is nearly over, and that means it’s time for prom committees to kick into full gear with prom planning! Besides booking venue and caterer, finding the perfect prom decorations is another important aspect of prom planning. Many prom committees elect to design the look of their prom based on popular themes, but there are so many great theme ideas it can be hard to choose! Would you rather have a traditional prom with a focus on elegance, or maybe an eccentric prom that allows for whimsical decorations and outfits? Your prom is the last chance for your classmates to commemorate your high school experience before graduation, so make it a night to remember! From the fanciful to the classics, here are some flexible theme ideas that allow for your prom committee to get creative with prom decorations:

Classic Elegant Affair

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. The traditional elegant prom is a flexible theme that allows for a prom committee to really make it their own. Try using classically elegant tablecloths in colors like white, ivory, and black to set the tone for your table decorations. When it comes to centerpieces, tall and dramatic vases create an elegant vibe for any prom. To cut costs, you can visit your local Salvation Army or Goodwill for great prices on vases. It’s always a good idea to buy glass vases and spray paint them with a glossy spray paint–that way the decor will perfectly match the color palette of your prom. Mismatched centerpieces can create a unique look for the event, and you can place feathers, flower balls, or even a fresh bouquet in each centerpiece, depending on your preference.


Hollywood Glam

After spending years and years with your classmates, it’s about time that everyone–from the mathletes to the cheerleaders–receives some recognition. What better way to give every one of your classmates the attention they deserve than with a Hollywood Glam theme prom? Students can enter the venue via red carpet, and the prom committee can even set up an Oscars-style photo booth so everyone can take celebrity snapshots.


In terms of the tabletops, a Hollywood Glam theme event usually includes a red, black, and either gold or silver color palette. Extravagant centerpieces with long feathers are a must! My favorite part of a Hollywood theme prom is that, by the end of the night, everyone feels like a celebrity.

Wild Theme Prom

A “wild theme” prom doesn’t mean that your classmates should get too wild! All it means is that animal print table coverings like zebra or leopard print table runners will be used as the primary decorative element. The prom committee can take this theme and really make the event wild with fake jungle vines and blow-up safari animals, but you can also keep it simple and elegant. To keep it simple and classy, try mixing colors with the animal print runners or overlays for a look that’s truly fierce!


For the centerpieces, a tall vase with feathers would work well, or you can simply anchor some balloons to the table with a couple of candles surrounding the weight.

Nautical Theme

No, I’m not talking about the “Enchantment Under the Sea” prom from Back to the Future, but it would be amazing if you could find a band that could cover “Johnny B. Goode” as well as Marty McFly’s pick-up rock n’ roll band.


There are two ways to go about planning a nautical theme prom: one way is to really embrace the “under” in under the sea, by choosing decorative elements that look aquatic. Turquoise, teal, or tiffany blue table linens with star fish, clams, and conch shells for decor. Have a team of student artists who want to pitch in? Ask them to paint a backdrop mural of a tranquil ocean scene featuring whales, fish, and other aquatic life, and make sure to encourage the girls to wear mermaid dresses! You can also plan a beach theme prom with plenty of vases filled to the brim with sand and shells as centerpieces.


Music Theme Prom

Who doesn’t love music? Choosing a music theme for prom appeals to a wide audience, and the aesthetic can really be however you make it. The best part about a music theme is the flexibility that comes with the prom decorations. Each table can be a different music genre or popular artist, and if you want to keep the theme to one genre (rock n’ roll, hip hop, etc…), you can always ask your classmates their preference in the form of a poll. A music theme prom also allows different musicians in the school to perform throughout the night, but the prom committee could also just hire a DJ. For a music theme, think blow-up treble clefs around the venue with plastic instruments as centerpieces. If your school has a large music budget, you could even ask to borrow some real instruments that aren’t in use to create lively centerpieces. Saxophones and trumpets will do the trick!



The idea of a masquerade prom is contagiously fun–just remember to take off those masks for the a few pictures! Whether it’s a masquerade or Mardi Gras theme, odds are that students are going to have a great time dressing up. There’s something so mysterious and alluring about a masquerade, and it really just makes for a fun experience when donning masks with your friends. For prom decorations, you can either go with a Mardi Gras theme with plenty of beads and all sorts of gaudy goodness, or you can keep it elegant and let each student bring a unique mask to the event. For an elegant masquerade, tall candelabrum or vases with a tables clad in brightly colored tablecloths work marvelously!


Big City Prom Theme

A big city prom theme is perfect for the occasion because everyone is soon to attend colleges across the nation! What better way to celebrate the next exciting chapter of life for you and your classmates? Whether you to transform your prom venue into New York or Paris, a big city theme is sure to be a big hit. Does it get more romantic than posing with your date underneath the Eiffel Tower? Oooh la la!



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