PHOTO CHECKLIST: Must-Have Shots for Wedding Photographers

Photo Checklist: Must-Have Photos for Wedding Photographers

A big chunk of your wedding budget goes to your wedding photography. So you want to make sure that the most important aspects of your special day are captured by the lens. It is always expected that some stolen and candid shots will come into play but you know, you’d love to set expectations. What photos should be prioritized, when to take group and family photos, where should the photographer hang out most of the time.


Custom Made Couture Wedding Bouquet by EightTreeStreet

Couture bouquet by EightTreeStreet


This is especially true for brides who are doing a do-it-yourself wedding. Whether you’re hiring a professional photographer or a relative who is just starting in photography, below is a helpful photo checklist that we have come up with to ensure that the camera doesn’t miss the action when and where it is happening during the wedding.


  1. Bride’s Wedding Footwear
  2. Wedding Rings
  3. Bride’s Dress, hanging up
  4. Bride, looking at her wedding dress
  5. Wedding Decors: wedding bouquet and ceremony accessories
  6. Bride, as she gets ready
  7. Groom, as he gets ready.
  8. Bridesmaid helping the bride put on the wedding dress and veil.
  9. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen during the Bridal Procession.
  10. Bride and her father as they walk down the aisle.
  11. Groom, as he waits for the bride.
  12. Bride and Groom, as they recite their vows
  13. The couple, as they exchange rings
  14. Couple’s first kiss after saying their “I Dos”
  15. Announcement of the new Mr. and Mrs.
  16. The couple, as they sign the Marriage License
  17. Bride and Groom with the Wedding Officiant
  18. Bride with her parents
  19. Bride with her mother
  20. Bride with her father
  21. Bride with her siblings
  22. Bride with her whole family
  23. The couple with the bride’s parents
  24. The couple with the groom’s parents
  25. Groom with his parents
  26. Groom with his mother
  27. Groom with his father
  28. Groom with his siblings
  29. Groom with his siblings
  30. The couple with the flower girls and ring bearers
  31. Bride with her bridesmaids
  32. The couple with the Bridesmaids
  33. Groom with Groomsmen
  34. The couple with the Groomsmen
  35. The couple with all the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
  36. Bride with Maid of Honor
  37. Groom with Best Man
  38. Portraits: Bride’s solo photo, Groom’s solo photo and the couple’s photo
  39. Wedding Reception venue
  40. Wedding linen ensemble (tablecloths, chair covers, table centerpieces, table tags, wedding favors)
  41. Wedding Cake
  42. Groom’s Cake (if available)
  43. The ceremonial toast
  44. The couple, while doing the ceremonial cake-cutting
  45. The couple’s first dance
  46. Bride and her father dancing
  47. Groom and his mother dancing
  48. Bouquet Toss
  49. Garter Toss
  50. The couple as they drive away.


Instead of wandering around and guessing what pictures deserve a spot on your wedding photo album, keeping this list of must-have shots is always handy. The list can grow based on the type of photos that you want to capture. This checklist makes a good starting place though. Here are some great examples.


Beach Wedding photo by TropicPic

Beach Wedding photo by TropicPic

Display Table Inspiration by Couture Table and Artisan Cake Company

Don’t forget to snap a photo of the wedding cake table.  (By Artisan Cake Company)

Wedding Venue Photo

Make sure to capture the look of your beautiful wedding venue and linens.