New Wedding Inspiration Video: Peach and White Table Theme!

New Wedding Inspiration Video: Peach and White Theme

We’re back with another wedding inspiration video, this time it’s a Peach and White theme! Frank Blanchard, owner and designer of La Vie Flowers from Portland, Oregon, joins LinenTablecloth to show you how to make this theme come together. He shows you how to make a theme fit your budget, building from the ground up, making sure each stage of the tablescape is elegant and beautiful.

We chose peach as our main color for this theme because it is such a vivid and bright color, one that works perfectly for summer and spring. All you need is a few accents and highlights of peach to really brighten the room with its vibrant color. Then we subdued it by using a white satin overlay on top of a 120 inch round peach tablecloth. On top of that, we used peach napkins to complement the table centerpiece, and suddenly there was more than enough color! The lesson here: sometimes less is more!

New Wedding Inspiration Video: Peach and White Theme

Chair covers are a great way to cover up unsightly chairs, but they can also be used to help accentuate your tablecloth colors! We decided to include them in this video to help reduce the vibrancy of the tablescape theme, but also so we could throw in some chair cover sashes. Normally, as a rule of thumb, we say “satin goes with satin and organza goes with organza,” but in this case, we broke our own rule and used peach organza chair cover sashes to bring out some more color without it being so bold. Organza’s sheer and translucent properties allow you to use a bold color, such as peach, a bit more liberally without drawing all the attention away from the focus of the wedding or party. The total cost for all of the linens for this video was only $42.31!

New Wedding Inspiration Video: Peach and White Theme

As for floral, there are always a billion ways you can approach a tablescape. Frank chose to use a variety of flowers in a vintage ceramic vase and used orchids as napkin tucks. This is an excellent way to accent your tablecloths and napkins, along with bringing more layers and texture to wedding decorations. Remember that you can never use too much floral, just leave room for the guests!

We hope you get some amazing wedding idea inspiration from this video, and we encourage you to share your own wedding decoration ideas! Show us how you can turn a tablecloth into something beautiful and elegant.

LinenTablecloth products used in this video:
120 Inch Round Peach Tablecloth, $12.99
72 Inch White Satin Overlay, $7.39
Pack of twelve 20 Inch Peach Napkins (6 used), about $3.99
White Polyester Folding Chair Cover (6 used), $2.19 each
Organza Peach Chair Cover Sashes (6 used), about $4.80

Stay tuned to our blog and our LinenTablecloth YouTube channel for more amazing wedding inspiration and wedding decoration videos!