Paper Lanterns Have Arrived!


Paper Lanterns Have Arrived!

We’re happy to announce the arrival of paper lanterns at! LinenTablecloth is becoming the go-to retailer to buy not only affordable tablecloths, chair covers, and other table linens, but also event decor and party favors. Our paper lanterns are available in four colors and three sizes. To start, we’re offering red, white, blue, and purple Chinese paper lanterns in diameters measuring 8 in., 12 in., and 16 in. Paper lanterns¬†are becoming a very popular decor element found in banquet events including weddings, showers, Bar Mitzvahs, and Quinceaneras. You can get the same stylish look featured on inspiration boards across Pinterest by stringing together a huge number paper lanterns–the more the merrier! Some DIY brides and wedding planners coordinate lanterns with event colors, but others use paper lanterns that span across the entire color spectrum to deliver a high-energy, color explosion! Also, staggering the sizes of a paper lantern array creates a very interesting effect that plays on depth and space. Here are the four colors currently available:

When planning to use paper lanterns for event decor, one of the most important things to consider is lighting. Many opt to buy battery operated, insertable LED lights for each lantern. Interior lighting creates that iconic glowing effect we immediately think of when mentally picturing Chinese lanterns. It’s also possible to use string lights to create that same glow. Our paper lanterns each feature a handy clip that can be attached to any type of string or wire.


In this picture, an array of multi-colored paper lanterns are used to create an enchanting vibe that borders on whimsical.

Planning an outdoor event? A string of paper lanterns in a well-lit outdoor venue makes for very festive decor. As long as there’s adequate light, Chinese lanterns are perfectly suitable for outdoor weddings and other special occasions. If the outdoor event takes place at night, it’s advisable to check with the venue proprietor to see if an extension cord can be hooked up to your string lights.


A string of paper lanterns is practically the international sign for lively festivities.



What do you think of our new paper lanterns? How would you use them? Would you like to see some more colors and sizes on our storefront? Tell us any and everything!