Paint Stick American Flag DIY

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Celebrate Memorial Day with this quick and easy paint stick American Flag DIY. You’ll be surprised to see how many of these items you already have on hand!

Paint Sticks from any hardware store
Red, white, and blue paint you can use spray or acrylic
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
6 In. Americana Tin Star
Painter’s tape

materials for DIY flag

Step 1: Measure out the dimensions of your flag. How much blue you want on the flag compared to red and white is entirely your choice. We chose 6 inches of blue and then about 15 in of white and red. Use a ruler to mark the edge of the blue. At this time choose how big you want your flag to be. We chose to have 5 sticks total with 3 being red and 2 being white.

step 1 of flag DIY

Step 2: Next take your painter’s tape (or whatever tape you have on hand) and cover the end of the stick that is going to be blue. The stick is then protected from getting any red or white paint on it.

Step 3: Paint all of your red sticks at once, then paint all of your white sticks. Let them dry for at least 20 minutes between coats. We used spray paint and needed about 4 coats to completely cover the markings underneath.

step 3 red flag DIY

Step 4: Once the red and white paint is dry, remove the tape on the end that will be blue. Place tape over the red and white portions of the sticks to protect them from the blue paint. Repeat step 3 until your have reached your desired color of blue.

Step 5: Gather your painted sticks and arrange them in a red and white pattern. Glue the sticks together using hot glue or wood glue. Hot glue dries quickly so you have to work fast! Attach twine to the back for a hanger. 

step-5 flag DIY

Step 6: The last step is to add the star to the blue section of the sticks. Hang your creation and admire your hard work!

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6 In. Americana Tin Star

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Pinwheel Paper Fans Patriotic

american flag

4 X 6 In. American Flags

5 In. Red Railway Candle Lamp

Red Railway Candle Lamp

20 In. Jacquard Scrollwork Napkin Burgundy (4/Pack)

Jacquard Scrollwork Napkin Burgundy







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