13 Ways To Tie The Knot

Wedding ceremonies are where it all begins. They can be long, short, loud, quiet, big, small, etc. The way in which people commemorate their union is unique to their relationship style. Some ceremonies stem from ancient traditions, others have developed and adapted to be more appropriate in today’s day-and-age. We have compiled a complete list of unity ceremonies […]

10 Things To Spray Paint Right Now

Spray paint; a craft-lover’s BFF. Some of our favorite pins can be executed with a can of spray paint and a wild imagination. Check out our favorite things to paint right now, and make sure to share your best creations as well! Happy crafting! 1. Drink Buckets This easy DIY can be made for less […]

4 Party Themes We Adore

We like to party, we like- we like to PARTY! This week we are bringing you some new party inspiration! Enjoy our current favorite party trends and don’t forget to take advantage of our sitewide sale, going on now! Now through August 8th, 2016 – use promo code SOCIAL5 at checkout and receive an additional […]

Go For Gold! An Olympic DIY

We are so excited about the arrival of the summer Olympics. There is something magical about athletes from all over the world, uniting to engage in these exciting events! The summer Olympics only occurs ever-so-often, so do yourself a favor and celebrate this remarkable occasion! Throw a party where you an your guests each represent a […]