Overlays for Rectangular Tables

Black Rectangle Tablecloth on White Rectangle Tablecloth

Wedding and special event planners everywhere are familiar with table overlays. Overlays are great for dressing up your tablecloths or any table setting. They can work on round, square or rectangular tables. Many do-it-your brides and event planners can be confused when trying to find an overlay for a rectangle table. There just isn’t much out there. Almost all products advertised as overlays are square in shape.


Black Rectangle Tablecloth on White Rectangle Tablecloth Rectangular Table Overlays


It’s time to think outside the box a little bit. Just because something is labeled as a tablecloth does not mean that is the only purpose it is able to serve. Let’s take our rectangular tablecloths. Our 60″ x 102″ and 60″ x 126″ tablecloths can double as perfect overlays for rectangular tables. You can choose to go with a conventional polyester overlay look or give the appearance of even greater elegance with satin. This setup looks best when using a polyester tablecloth with a floor length drop as a base.


Rectangular Satin Overlay Rectangular Satin Overlay



Here are some instances in which these tablecloths can be used as overlays:


6′ rectangular banquet table

90″ x 132″ polyester tablecloth base

60″ x 102″ satin tablecloth overlay


8′ rectangular banquet table

90″ x 156″ polyester tablecloth base

60″ x 126″ satin tablecloth overlay


So, don’t be afraid to multi-purpose your table linens and think outside the box. They can be used in a variety of different applications, including table overlays. It’s a perfect way to add that touch of elegance and splash of color to make your event uniquely special.