Not Too Shabby Wedding Color Palette

By now, you may have heard a rumor that “vintage” weddings are phasing out, and “chic” weddings are SO in. Don’t choose one or the other, try both! Make your wedding shabby and chic by combining modern clean lines and angles, with poppy colors! This palette is unique and extremely adaptable to any wedding theme. All you need is a solid hemlock lead and the perfect navy blue counterpart. From there, it is just a matter of adding neutral tones, and lace of course!

This palette is a favorite among DIY brides. Painted photo frames and rustic centerpieces set the shabby vibe, while cutting edge decor and modern personalized touches make your wedding truly chic. Bunting is a classic do it yourself project that can be chic when mixed with different types of materials, such as satin or lace (see photo below for example).


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