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Admit it or not, when we play mini-movies in our heads about weddings, we love thinking about luxurious backdrops. We love imagining satin tablecloths in a gorgeous array of sophisticated shades. We hope to see how the tandem of chair cover and sashes end up in a meaningful play of colors. We like conceptualizing how table accessories such as napkins, napkin rings, doilies and other table centerpieces come together and create that beautiful arrangement your guests will tweet about or take photos of for Facebook -sharing.

But once the reality of do it yourself wedding or party planning kicks in, the realization of the wedding concept we’ve pictured in our minds seems to be more challenging than we’ve imagined. That’s when we turn to the Web and head straight to YouTube looking for video tutorials. From choosing chair covers to learning how to pick your tablecloths, we rely on learning materials that are readily available on the Net.

We’re lucky that these days, technology has made learning easier for us. Knowledge is power, as the saying goes. It also helps you save money! Knowing how to fold napkins, tie your universal chair covers or arranging your table linens will definitely eliminate the need to hire extra help.

And that is one area that LinenTablecloth wants to help you with — how to save money by providing the learning video materials you need, when those endless list of details for your wedding planning are trying to overwhelm you. We want to break things down for you, little by little and step by step. But first, we need you to tell us what you want to learn or what specific areas at the linen department you’ll be needing help.

Please let us know your video tutorial suggestions by tweeting your reply or leaving a blog comment below. Please follow the steps below and get a chance to win gift card codes.


1. Tweet your reply. Visit our YouTube channel and post your suggestions on Twitter! Tweet as many times as you like

2. Leave a Blog comment. Fill out the comment box at the bottom part of this blog.

Winners will be announced on Friday, July 13th at 4PM EST.

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