New Wedding Inspiration Video: Nautical Theme!

Nautical Theme White Round Tablecloth Navy Blue

With just $20.25 worth of linens, the serene and calming feel of the beach can be recreated with this navy blue and white nautical theme. LinenTablecloth invited Frank Blanchard of Portland, Oregon based La Vie Flowers to make this beautiful wedding linen inspiration video featuring our navy blue and white colors. Using a simple combination of table linens and a little help from floral accents with hints of aquatic colors, this elegant tablescape brings an oceanic ambiance to our studio. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, on an island or atop of a mountain, you can bring the ocean to your wedding or special event to wherever your venue is with this nautical theme.

Our nautical theme is a beautiful reflection of the waters themselves. We keep the tones soft, using a 120 inch white round tablecloth to balance our deep navy blue table runners and napkins. Keeping the navy blue sparse is important because its bold properties make it overwhelm the tablescape and decor easily and we want to be able to balance with other earth tones.  A navy blue satin table runner is enough to make it the main color, even if it is the least used. After we added the gold chairs to match the grass cloth, a single navy blue satin chair cover sash to highlight the head chair and tie our theme together.

Nautical Theme White Round Tablecloth Navy Blue

 A serene theme that looks gorgeous in a nautical setting.

La Vie Flowers provided a wonderfully adventurous centerpiece for our nautical theme. An eclectic arrangement of soft blues, whites, yellows, and the natural green foliage topped with a rope ball creates a gorgeous floral centerpiece that adds color to the theme that complement and accented our navy blue. With additional candles oriented in the cardinal directions fills out the table and completes the full ambiance of our nautical theme.

Nautical Theme Navy Blue Sash Table Runner

 The earth tones used in the barkwire and rope detailing of the centerpiece complement our Navy Blue beautifully.

We hope this wedding idea inspiration video gives you some great ideas of your own, and we encourage you to share your own wedding decoration ideas with us! Show us how you use your linen tablecloths in your wedding or special event!


The cost for the linens is only $20.25!

LinenTablecloth products used in this video:
White 120 Inch Round Polyester Tablecloth, $12.99
14 x 108 in. Satin Table Runner Navy Blue, $2.39
Six 20 inch Polyester Napkins Navy Blue, about $3.99
One Navy Blue Satin Chair Cover Sash, about $0.88


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