New Wedding Inspiration Video: Midnight Sapphire Theme!

New Wedding Inspiration Video: Midnight Sapphire theme

Looking to add a little city sophistication to your wedding or special event? Get some inspiration from the latest video from LinenTablecloth featuring Frank Blanchard of La Vie Flowers of Portland, Oregon. Our Midnight Sapphire theme combines bold colors to create an elegant and sharp look that is perfect for a modern urban setting.

The atmosphere created by this tablescape theme is almost electric. The royal blue runners and napkins really shine when backed by our black satin overlay. In order to balance out the color overload, we used a 108 inch round silver satin tablecloth underneath the black satin overlay. There isn’t a lot of silver left to see, but the subtle effect created by the silver highlights keeps the deep black and strong royal blue from overwhelming. It also allows you to use brighter tableware and makes our centerpiece really stand out.

The total cost for the linens used in this video is only $39.90!

Black satin overlay matched with royal blue napkins and runner

Keeping in the spirit of modern and chic, Frank supplied a great centerpiece for this theme. White tulips in a large glass vase with decorative rocks is a simple yet fashionable floral presentation that really highlights the idea of sophistication. You don’t need to be gaudy to make a statement! A seemingly toned down centerpiece like this adds to the tablescape without taking over the theme.

White tulips in a large open vase make a chic and modern centerpiece


We hope you get some amazing wedding idea inspiration from this video, and we encourage you to share your own wedding decoration ideas! Show us how you can turn a tablecloth into something beautiful and elegant.


LinenTablecloth products used in this video:
108 Inch Round Silver Satin Tablecloth, $12.99
72 Inch Square Black Satin Overlay, $7.39
14 x 108 Inch Royal Blue Satin Table Runner, $2.39
20 Inch Royal Blue Napkins (6 used), about $3.99
Black Polyester Folding Chair Covers (6 used), $2.19 each


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