New Wedding Inspiration Video: Lavender and Silver Spring Theme!

Lavender Tablecloth Silver Organza Overlay

The bright colors of spring offer a wonderful color palette for any wedding. What better time than to do a classy lavender wedding theme? Watch our latest wedding linen inspiration video to see how LinenTablecloth and Frank Blanchard of La Vie Flowers create an elegant lavender and silver theme using just a few linens and a glamorous floral centerpiece. This rich and extravagant wedding style can easily be created with a combination of silver flatware, white accents, bright and vivid floral decor, and high quality tablecloths for less money than you would imagine!



The soft hue of lavender works perfectly as the color for your base tablecloth. Using the silver organza overlay brings a sheer layer of metallic colors to the table. This not only subdues the lavender tablecloth so the highlights are seemingly more vibrant, but it also brings a certain atmosphere of elegance and class along with it. The silver organza overlay might be subtle, but it makes a huge difference when setting up the final details of this tablescape. By layering the silver organza overlay on top of the lavender tablecloth, you can use a large range of cutlery and flatware, silver or white. White napkins bring more texture to this tablescape without distracting from the rest of the colors. Using white folding chair covers makes our ordinary folding chairs match the theme and allows us to use  silver organza chair cover sashes to add even more elegant details.


Lavender Tablecloth Silver Organza Overlay

The white napkins and chair covers balance out the lavender and silver colors. The silver organza overlay and sashes complement the flatware and brings an air of sophistication to this tablescape.

Lavender Tablecloth Silver Overlay Chair Covers

Presentation is the key! You can use the same centerpiece in multiple ways to create lavish tablescapes. 

We hope you get some amazing wedding idea inspiration from this video, and we encourage you to share your own wedding decoration ideas! Show us how you can turn a tablecloth into something beautiful and elegant.


LinenTablecloth products used in this video:
120 Inch Round Lavender Polyester Tablecloth, $12.99
72 Inch Square Silver Organza Overlay, $3.69
Six 20 Inch White Polyester Napkins, about $3.99
Six White Polyester Folding Chair Covers, $2.19 each
Six Silver Organza Chair Cover Sashes, about $4.38

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