New Wedding Inspiration Video: French Beach Theme!

French Beach theme using LiinenTablecloth's Caribbean and Lemon linens

Here’s the latest installment of our wedding inspiration videos: the French Beach theme! Frank Blanchard of La Vie Flowers in Portland, Oregon joins LinenTablecloth to show you this beautiful summer theme that is reminiscent of the style seen along the French Riviera. This theme uses a bright color palette that feels subdued yet still vibrant.

Combining bold colors, such as Lemon and Caribbean, is always a challenge because you do not want to overwhelm your eyes. That is where the choice of material can help. We are able to make these colors complement each other by using an ivory 120 inch round polyester tablecloth top with a 72 inch lemon organza overlay. The sheer texture and look of organza subdues the bright and bold lemon color, and when placed over an ivory tablecloth, the translucent properties of organza allow the lemon color to be reduced even more yet still be prominent.Since the lemon color is toned down, we can now use another bright and bold color to complement it, and LinenTablecloth’s Caribbean is the perfect shade of blue to create a beach ambiance. Simply using a satin table runner gives us enough Caribbean to make it the most prominent color, and it is the least used color in this theme! The total cost of the linens for this video was only $23.06!

French Beach theme using an ivory tablecloth, a lemon table overlay and a caribbean table runner.

Frank took a fun and innovative approach to the centerpiece for this tablescape. Using lemons to match our lemon organza color helps maintain the thematic flow, and sprinkling orchids helps highlight our theme’s colors while adding soft and subtle natural colors that add an extra pop. He then incorporates the use of favors to tie the whole theme together in a unique (and budget-friendly) fashion!

A creative combination of summer drinks, lemons and orchids makes a perfect table centerpiece.

We hope you get some amazing wedding idea inspiration from this video, and we encourage you to share your own wedding decoration ideas! Show us how you can turn a tablecloth into something beautiful and elegant.


LinenTablecloth products used in this video:
120 Inch Polyester Ivory Tablecloth, $12.99
72 Inch Square Organza Overlay Lemon, $3.69
14 x 108 in. Satin Table Runner Caribbean, $2.39
20 Inch Polyester Napkins Ivory (6 used), about $3.99


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