New Wedding Inspiration Video: Burgundy and Beige Table Theme!

New Wedding Inspiration Video: Burgundy and Beige Theme

LinenTablecloth welcomes Frank Blanchard of La Vie Flowers to introduce our new LinenTablecloth video: Burgundy and Beige Theme! Frank shows you just how affordable it can be to create a tablescape that looks both luxurious and beautiful by combining LinenTablecloth’s linens and a floral centerpiece. Total cost of linens for this table? $20.97! Look at it this way: it’s only $3.50 per guest!

We chose burgundy as our main color for this video because it is the equivalent to Pantone’s 2013 Wedding Color Forecast choice of Oxblood. Burgundy is a strong and bold color, one that can easily be overdone. Matching burgundy with a more neutral color, such as beige, helps subdue and reduce the vibrancy. This will avoid making the table the center of attention and help complement the most important part of the wedding: the bride!

New Wedding Inspiration Video: Burgundy and Beige Theme

Using floral for table decorations is a wonderful way to dress up your linens. There are near infinite amounts of ways you can prepare flora to use as a table centerpiece or even just help spruce up the place settings and make them pop with a little more color and texture. You just can not go wrong with floral.

New Wedding Inspiration Video: Burgundy and Beige Theme

So check out this video and see if you can come up with your own wedding reception table idea using burgundy and beige! LinenTablecloth’s affordable prices and high-quality linens allow you to create immaculate tablescapes without going over your budget. What sort of wedding inspirations can you come up with for just $21?


LinenTablecloth will be releasing more wedding inspiration videos to help you see what is possible and help you decide what you want for your wedding decorations. That dream wedding just became more affordable!


LinenTablecloth products used in this video:

120 Inch Round Beige Tablecloth, $12.99
Satin Burgundy Table Runner, $2.39
Pack of twelve 20 Inch Burgundy Napkins (6 used), about $3.99
Organza Chair Cover Sash (2 used), about $1.60

Stay tuned to our blog and our LinenTablecloth YouTube channel for more amazing wedding inspiration and wedding decoration videos!