Social media, for anyone wondering, is a form of web-based media that allows many different people to form healthy communities, connect and grow from each other, discover new prospects in the world, and create a two-way street between businesses and consumers; these are many things that traditional media is not able to do. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; these are all considered social media scene, and LinenTablecloth likes to be in the party, too!


Facebook – our Facebook profile is where most of our customer-to-business communication happens; this is where we like to drop our business persona and just have a little fun! You can comment on our statuses, post photos and links on our wall (especially how your wedding went with our linens!), participate in polls, get into discussions about related topics, review our company, and a bunch of other stuff!

Twitter – Twitter is a great way to keep up-to-date on the fly. We even sometimes retweet stuff we think is super awesome! We really hope you can join us over there.

LinkedIn – Our LinkedIn is our professional side; it’s a great way to find out some stuff about a few employees, as well as connect with those you’d like to know more about. For example, if you find that our graphics, photos and other visuals are really sweet, you might be able to get in touch with our graphic designers!


Don’t see your favorite social website up there? Perhaps there’s something we don’t know about! We love to get ourselves out there as much as possible to connect with our viewers and customers, so if you think we should be on another network as well, don’t be afraid to email me! I’m a pseudo social media specialist / blogger, so I’ll do my best to get LinenTablecloth on your favorite site!