My DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding Planning: Mason Jars for Weddings

Being young adults, getting married leaves you on a small budget. Our wedding consists of a lot of DIY decorations. We have mason jars, ribbon and flowers that will be placed all over. Since my wedding is at my grandparents’ place, they have started planting sunflowers and all kinds of flowers that are the color pink. Pinterest has also been really helpful for finding cheap, inexpensive and easy to make wedding decorations.


DIY Wedding Planning: Mason Jars for Weddings



Mason jars can be expensive. I went on Facebook and asked if anyone had any. After a week, a friend informed me she had two large boxes of jars that she no longer wanted. I now have jars everywhere. For other hints of hues, LinenTablecloth has a great deal for cloth napkins, with a huge color selection. Also, I have an obsession with Michael’s craft store.  They have so many things that are useful and needed for weddings. I keep up on their sales for ribbons, wicker baskets, picture frames, wedding invitations, etc.


My DIY Wedding: Sage Napkins


I have been more than blessed when it comes to my big day. My grandparents offered me a venue, I am getting a family discount with my DJ, my flowers are free, many wonderful people that my grandparents know have offered to let me borrow things I need and I have tons of wonderful people that are willing to help with anything. Many of the brides I have talked to claimed that it is impossible to have a nice, beautiful wedding with an inexpensive budget. I disagree on many levels. There are ways to make a beautiful wedding happen within a certain budget. I may not have a budget in the high thousands but I know that it will still be beautiful.


PHOTO CREDITS. Mason Jar Photo by Jo Photo Online. Sage napkins and Tablecloths from LinenTablecloth.