How to Make DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms Multicolored

Atmosphere is everything! One of the most fun parts of wedding planning is choosing decorations. After all, wedding decor defines the vibe of your big day! If you’re searching for wedding decorating ideas that say fun and festive, look no further than tissue paper paper pom poms! Paper pom poms can be hung from venue ceilings, incorporated into your table settings, or attached directly to venue walls for a 3D dessert table backdrop. Setting pom poms up is pretty simple–all you need to do is fan out the paper, separate the layers of tissue paper, and mold the paper into a spherical shape. Typically, these pom poms are sold by individual color, but sometimes it’s nice to create multi colored paper pom poms to capture your full color palette or provide a standout accent. Read on for this simple tissue paper pom poms DIY:

1) Pick 3 or 4 colors for your pom poms–your wedding colors or at least a color palette that is complementary to your wedding colors look best!


2) Remove the ribbon from each paper pom pom. Make sure to save the ribbon because it will be used later!


3) Fan out each pom pom and remove 3-4 layers of tissue paper from each color.


4) Layer each color in the order you prefer.


5) Fold all the layers together so the pom pom looks like the individual color poms poms from step 1. Tie a ribbon at the exact center.


6) Fan out one side of the pom pom as much as you can.


7) Pull apart the layers one at a time until all the layers of tissue paper are separated.


8) Fluff up your tissue paper pom pom and voila! You now have a multicolored pom pom for your event!


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