Meet Brittani

Brittani started in the fall of 2011 as a Customer Service Representative and since December, has been the gal who you will talk to if you choose our return line! She does an awesome job of taking care of those folks quickly and efficiently, and we don’t know what we would do without her!

To help you get to know her, Brittani was asked some questions & these are her answers:

Where she’s from: I am from Cherryville, Oregon

What she does for fun: Play with my furry kids (2 cats & 1 puppy) & watching movies

What she likes most about the position she has: I enjoy the different personalities of all my customers-each customer is a new experience!

What are 3 things that he would like people to know about her:
I’m married
Poetry is my homie
I really dislike sports…really, really, really

The silliest question she has been asked at work: “Do you carry tablecloths?”

The complaint she hears about the most: Out of stock items.

Word of advice for our customers: “Make sure to read our terms to avoid any misunderstandings.”

So, what does Brittani do all day? She answers returns calls and emails, creates RMA’s, creates UPS labels, covers customer service phones, chats, and emails when needed, and helps us make sample charts.