Linens for Destination Weddings in Maui, Hawaii

Aside from having a picturesque backdrop for your most special day, a trimmed down guest list, a honeymoon nest just a short distance away, one of the awesome pluses of having a destination wedding in Maui is the fact that you can use minimal wedding décor.

Picture this. If you’ll have your wedding in your hometown, you will need to allot a bigger chunk of your budget to decorations that you will probably dispose immediately after the event. But in a spectacular beach or outdoor setting that Maui is known for, you won’t need to spend on things that you will normally need to allocate money for in a traditional wedding just to achieve the look that you’re looking for.

Travel To Maui - Honeymoon and Destination Weddings

Don’t you just want to have this as a wedding backdrop?

You have breathtaking ocean views, the golden sun peeking above a carpet of clouds or panoramic sunsets, the natural beauty of the mountains and tropical Hawaiian blooms as your wedding background. Idyllic setting customized by Mother Nature for your big day! So yes, go easy on wedding décor!

Skip the expensive flowers, music and lighting rent, and other wedding essentials you’d need in a usual wedding set-up. Go ahead and cross out these expenses on your budget spreadsheet during the planning stage of your destination wedding. What’s left for you to do is to connect with a certified Hawaiian travel specialist and ask for recommended venues and perfect timing to stage your life’s biggest event. Peak seasons might hurt your budget so it’s best to ask for expert advice from a destination wedding professional based there like TravelToMaui.

Caribbean Linen Tablecloth: Linens for Destinations Weddings in Maui

Table Overlay in Caribbean

Once you’ve figured that out, made deals with the wedding venue and set expectations, you can move forward with creating your wedding palette. After that has been decided, go online to buy elegant linen tablecloths, overlays, chair covers and sashes in colors that complement the scenic setting of your chosen venue.

While you can always pick white linens and pair them with other shades as small accents, there are linen colors that you can mix and match to channel your desired beach, tropical or Maui wedding theme. Go with colors that suggest light and air such as pink, tea green and lavender. Beige and Ivory if you want the champagne appeal. Then accentuate the overall setting with hints of Hawaiian shades. Recommended colors would be Caribbean, Turquoise, Fuchsia and Lemon. Affordable, high-quality and lightweight, put them all in a suitcase and voila, you’re set for your wedding in Maui, Hawaii!

Why buy linens online and not rent, you ask? Because you can own them cheaper and you can re-sell them after your wedding! No trips to retail and rental stores, no gas expenses, no worrying about keeping them stain-free, no need to return them immediately after the reception. None of these post-wedding troubles! Buying your wedding linens will not only spare you from these unnecessary hassles but also, it will also save you a lot of money. The savings you make can go to your lavish honeymoon getaway! Talk about the sweetest part of this whole destination wedding thing in Maui. 😉

The wedding linen department is just one area of destination weddings where you can go all out and still not hurt your budget. Get expert wedding advice from professional travel and wedding specialists in Maui and ask for help on how to score group packages and deals on honeymoon escapes. Sometimes, they can give suggestion on what linens to choose or what type of look fits the wedding location. They’ll take care of the details and make sure that your special day turns out exactly as you’ve planned it. This way, you can have fun and focus more on what matters most: you and your groom.