Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Wedding

We love kids! But we also know having to worry about keeping them busy during a wedding (and not having your special moment interrupted!) can be a bit stressful. And think about it from their perspective: it’s a bunch of adult stuff, and then they get cake. But don’t worry! There are so many ways to get the little ones to feel like this is a fun night for them too, from bubbles, to crayons, to fun desserts! 

Here are a few kid-friendly wedding ideas that we’ve put together in order for you to keep them entertained at your wedding while also incorporating them into the festivities!

kid-friendly wedding idea crayon table
A cute kids table with crayons for each child will  keep them at the table and not running around the entire venue. Make it kid-friendly and fun by drawing on a chalkboard so they know where to go!

kid-friendly wedding idea photo game
When the kids get tired of coloring and want to move around, keep them busy all night by giving them a task to photograph the entire night! Provide a disposable camera and a list of subjects/ moments for them to capture. A photo-scavenger hunt can keep them entertained for hours!

kid-friendly wedding idea wedding toast cookies
During the toast, give kids some milk (in fancy glasses of course) and cookies so they can partake in their own way!

kid-friendly wedding idea cake pops
You may love your Grand Marinier-Soaked Citrus cake, but an elegant wedding cake might not be as kid-friendly as these fun cake pops. They are easy to eat and will not get all over their clothing or face–or at least not as much! For a cute twist, try using striped paper straws instead of plain wooden sticks.

kid-friendly wedding idea bubbles
After dinner, have a kids corner of the wedding that they can have their own space to play in. Add fun games to the area, toys or even bubbles to keep them occupied.

kid-friendly wedding idea kids area
Giving kids their own space will keep them away from getting in trouble while also giving the adults a peace of mind that their kids are being occupied. It will make them feel special to have their own private area!

How did you make your wedding kid-friendly? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: Buzzfeedinspirahogar / moncheribridals / / Stylemepretty