VIDEO: How To Tie Universal Chair Covers

Many customers have contacted LinenTablecloth asking for help in tying a universal chair cover. Through this video, our Customer Service Manager Jamie walks you through the simple steps on how to  just that.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: How To Tie A Universal Chair Cover

Hello, I’m Jamie! Customer Service Manager here at LinenTablecloth. Some of you may have already purchased or considering purchasing some of our beautiful chair covers for your event. Chair covers will dress up drab folding chairs or hide any mismatched chairs you may need to use. One of the most common question we get asked is “How do I tie a universal chair cover?”

After unpacking the universal chair cover, you may notice that it resembles a large pillow case. One end of the universal chair cover is longer than the other. The longer side goes in front. The shorter side goes in the back.

Okay, here is what you want to do next. Slip the open end of the universal chair cover over your chair and let the cover rest on the chair’s back. Bring the crease of the universal chair cover down the front of the chair’s backrest, two inches below the top of the chair. With the two corner still in hand, bring them tightly together at the back of the chair. Now tie a simple square knot. Right over left, then left over right. Now the chair cover is fastened around your chair.

How about that? Simple, huh! For more how-to and product videos, be sure to check back with our YouTube channel. And remember, for more great LinenTablecloth Help and How-Tos, check out our social network page at LinenTablecloth dot com slash social dash networking.