How to Shop for Round Tablecloths


Shopping for tablecloths? Most people know little to nothing about shopping for wedding linens, but LinenTablecloth is happy to let you in on a few tips! Read on to find everything you need to know about how to shop for round tablecloths.

Round Tablecloths for Weddings

There are many factors in making an educated decision about buying the round tablecloth that’s right for you. Ask yourself these questions before you buy:

  • What size round tablecloths make sense for my wedding theme or venue type?
  • Will I be layering my tables with linens like table overlays or table runners?
  • Will I be matching my tablecloths to chair covers and napkins?

Round tablecloths are nothing more than cut pieces of linentablecloths, and they’re available in a multitude of sizes to suit your specific needs. Don’t unnecessarily spend money on round tablecloths in order to discover your preferred table linen size and fit for your wedding tables–try LinenTablecloth’s tablecloth sizing tool! It’s a free online tool that allows users to input the size of their wedding tables and find the perfect look for their wedding tablescapes. How can you find that perfect look? It depends on whether you want a full drop, half drop, or something in between. Below are the measurements for half and full drop table linens based on round tables of standard sizes:

Half Drop:

Full Drop:

If you want to get into the particulars of your tablecloth’s drop, there’s a simple formula for calculating that perfect drop. Subtract the table diameter from the linen diameter and then divide by two. For instance, if you have a 72 in. table and a 132 in. tablecloth, you subtract 72 from 132 (132-72) to get 60. Then divide 60 by 2 for a final drop of 30 in. As a general rule of thumb, a drop length of 30 in. hangs all the way to the floor while a drop length of 15 in. hangs halfway to the floor; however, tables vary in height, so a 15 in. drop may be higher or lower than exactly halfway from floor to tabletop. The drop length of your wedding linens is completely up to your personal preference, but in general a full drop is usually perceived as a more formal look than the halfway or less than halfway drop which tends to indicates a casual event atmosphere.

Another important component of your wedding linen purchase is choosing fabric material for your tablecloths. LinenTablecloth offers polyester, satin, damask, burlap, and even blends like polyester/cotton and linen/cotton. There are an overwhelming number of tablecloth fabrics, but choosing a theme or at least a wedding color palette will greatly help you narrow your choices down to the perfect linentablecloth. Polyester is the most commonly used tablecloth material due to its incredible durability and resistance to stains and wrinkling. Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, polyester tablecloths hold up well and are ideal for most weddings. Satin is a fabric that’s known for its silky feel and sheen which makes it perfect for highlighting event tables like the cake, head, or gifts table. Satin look great indoors as it reflects light very well, creating an upscale, elegant ambiance. Materials like damask, poly/cotton, and linen/cotton are heavier tablecloth fabrics resulting in a more luxurious cloth than polyester or satin linens. Love the rustic chic trend? Burlap is the posterchild of rustic weddings and is the perfect option for rustic-inspired outdoor or barnyard weddings.

Once you know the size and fabric of your wedding tablecloths, the next big decision is choosing your colors. Most brides-to-be have a color palette or wedding theme in mind before selecting their wedding linens, and it’s definitely important to keep in mind when shopping for round tablecloths. If you’re planning on adding depth to your wedding tablescapes with table runners, table overlays, napkins, chair covers, and chair cover sashes, remember the linens must be color coordinated.


120 inch Round Tablecloths


An 120 inch round table linen provides a 60 inch table with a full drop. Our 120 inch tablecloths are available in polyester, satin, damask, cotton-feel, and economy fabrics.

90 inch Round Tablecloths


Photo courtesy of a real LinenTablecloth customer

90 inch round tablecloths used to be the most popular tablecloth for a 60 inch table because it provides the table with a half drop to the floor. Currently, a full drop to the floor is the most popular way to arrange table linens for weddings.

132 inch Round Tablecloths


132 inch tablecloths are generally the largest round tablecloths available, and they drop to the floor on 72 in. tables. Our 132 in. round table linens are typically used for large banquet style weddings and events.


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