Halloween Tablescapes

Red Tablecloth halloween display

With every store in town pockmarked with black and pumpkin themes, you can’t help but feel the Halloween spirit. Yes, October 31 is just around the corner. Question is, is it too early to plan one? Not really. The sooner you start your event planning, the better. It is such a great time to dress up and be goofy. Not to mention all the candy!  And really, half the fun is in setting up the “creeptastic” decorations! If you’re hosting a party at home, create a handmade Halloween event that will paint a unique spooky ambiance that will thrill (or scare) your guests! If you’re in the mood for a change, you might want to try these color ideas we’ve listed below and skip the traditional colors this year.


black tablecloth pumpkin runners

Black tablecloth with pumpkin runners is a very traditional look (photo credits)


RED. What color is more fierce than red? It is the perfect color for a demon & devils party! Cover your tables in red tablecloths and make some ice cold ‘blood’ punch because things are about to heat up! Or, stick with the black tablecloth and use red accents, such as napkins and candles, in a low light to create a creepy vampire mood!


black tablecloth red napkins halloween

Red napkins matched with a black tablecloth are dark and gloomy (photo credits)


PURPLE. Maybe you want to stick to a simple witch theme, but you want it to be a little more Gothic and dark. Purple is a perfect accent for the stylish chic witch. A seductive complement to black, this color combination gives off a more serious tone than black & orange and still fits perfectly with a Halloween theme!


black tablecloth with purple tablecloth as overlay

What fashionable familiar lives with this witch? A purple tablecloth layered over a black tablecloth keeps it dark yet fun (photo credits)


WHITE. You are probably asking yourself, “How is white a Halloween color? How can white be scary?” Very easily! Imagine your home turned into an evil butcher shop or derelict house, with blood splattered all over your white tablecloths. Or, imagine those sterile, pearlescent walls of a haunted insane asylum! A pristine, all white room with some red stains would put the jitters in anyone! Simply put, splatter any white linen with some red paint and you’ll have kids too frightened to approach your treat table!


White tablecloth with fake blood

Use our rectangular white tablecloths and splatter them with red dye to make these for cheap (photo credits)


There are so many ways to match colors for Halloween!  Better start planning now, you might change your mind later! If you are ordering linens, make sure not to wait until the last week, you will want to make sure they get there with plenty of time to spare! You don’t want an extra horror story for Halloween!


Red Tablecloth halloween display

Have a spooky and colorful Halloween! (photo credits)